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INOUE, Fumiko
Affiliated organization, Center for Higher Education Studies
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  • Global survey of best practices at higher education institutions -Diversification and quality assurance of vocational education-

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

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    INOUE Fumiko

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    With the aim of conducting research based on the establishment of professional and vocational universities and professional and vocational junior colleges in Japan, this study examines trends in various educational programs in institutions of higher education in developed countries in fields such as professional education, employment education, entrepreneurial education, and the promotion of industry-government-academia collaboration. As a result of selecting countries, universities and organizations in each field in Europe and Asia comparatively advanced with regard to this purpose made it possible to investigate elements such as the characteristics and initiatives of 20 universities, public bodies, research institutions and other related bodies in a total of eight countries including Japan. Furthermore, we were able to create a network relating to the subject of this study with overseas researchers who responded to interviews.

  • Improvement of the Class: Introducing Students Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) and the Development of Training Programs for SCOT Students

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

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    INOUE Fumiko, TSUCHIMOCHI Gary Hoichi, OKI Hirotaka, ANTON Tolman, SUSAN Eliason, URSULA Sorensen, MORI Reina

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    This study seeks to achieve improved teaching by introducing SCOT (Students Consulting on Teaching) and developing training programs for student consultants.
    The SCOT program offers teachers the opportunity to receive feedback on class activities from an unbiased student perspective. It supports student-centered learning; a shift from the traditional; i.e., teacher-centered, approach. SCOT students, therefore, become critical agents of change in this effort.



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