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WANG, Bishan
Faculty of Commerce, School of Commerce
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Research Associate

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  • Business administration


  • チームワークを高めるInformation Communication Technologyの使用方法 の探索

    王 ヘキサン

    商学研究科紀要   (93)   75 - 96  2021.11  [Refereed]

  • Moving Beyond Survey Approaches:: Exploring Research Applications of Log Data Based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

    Murase Toshio, Wang Bishan, Suzuki Koji

    Organizational Science   55 ( 1 ) 16 - 30  2021.09

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    In research activities, it is an important task to appropriately extract abstract concepts that construct the essential part of theory. Although management scholars have used survey techniques for a long time to obtain variables that represent various constructs, these techniques have at the same time made it hard to obtain large samples or time-series data, leaving some theoretical mechanisms difficult to examine. In order to solve these issues, this paper introduces log data, which are massive records of natural human behavior, and also discusses pros and cons of using survey techniques and log data. Furthermore, log data have own problems, one of which is the difficulty to adequately capture psychological and sociological constructs. Thus, as a way to make log data represent the constructs appropriately, this paper examines the applications of machine learning and natural language processing to log data.

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  • 外部環境に対する認知相違の発生メカニズムの探索 ―部門横断的チームでの検証―

    王 ヘキサン, 大沼 沙樹

    経営行動科学学会第 25 回年次大会 

    Presentation date: 2022.10

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  • 組織行動科学における機械学習や自然言語処理の活用方法を考える

    王 ヘキサン, 鈴木 宏治


    Presentation date: 2021.09


Internal Special Research Projects

  • リモートワークにおける組織市民行動のメカニズムを探る


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    Following the subsidence of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and telecommuting have gained increasing prevalence. The widespread adoption of remote work offers several benefits, including increased perceived autonomy and reduced commuting time for employees. However, by limiting physical contact between employees and increasing their isolation in the workplace, remote work can also decrease the extent to which employees assist others, which can have negative effects on organizational development. Considering the inherent limitations of remote work, it is imperative to investigate approach of remedying its deficiencies and leveraging its strengths to yield positive outcomes.Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore how employees are more likely to engage in helping others when working from home and to develop a framework for understanding organizational citizenship behavior in remote work. To facilitate this study, prior research on organizational citizenship behaviors in remote work was reviewed. Based on the findings of the literature review, an empirical study is being conducted to examine the impact of leader behaviors on organizational citizenship behaviors in remote work. An oral presentation on the study's findings is planned for the The Japanese Association of Administrative Science.