HSIAO, Li Chun



Faculty of International Research and Education, School of International Liberal Studies

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Associate Professor

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  • Faculty of International Research and Education   Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

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  • 1998.08

    State University of New York at Buffalo   Graduate School of Arts and Science   Comparative Literature  

  • 1991.09

    National Taiwan University   Graduate School of Liberal Arts   Foreign Languages and Literatures  

  • 1987.09

    National Chung Hsing University   College of Liberal Arts   Foreign Languages and Literatures  

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  • State University of New York at Buffalo   Ph.D.

  • State University of New York at Buffalo   Ph.D.


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  • English literature and literature in the English language

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  • Postcolonial Theory, Anglophone Postcolonial Literatures, Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, Literary and Cultural Theories, Psychoanalysis, Modernism, Contemporary Taiwan literature and Culture

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  • Staging the World: Cross-Cultural (Il)literacy, Taiwan’s Mobile Stage Phenomenon, and Shen Chao-liang’s Stage Series

    HSIAO, Li-Chun

    Critical Arts South-North Cultural and Media Studies   34 ( 5 ) 87 - 106  2020.12  [Refereed]  [International journal]

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    Through the lens of the photographer Shen Chao-liang, this paper examines the cultural ramifications of the mobile stages (fitted into and folded out of the backs of modified trucks) of Taiwanese roving vaudeville troupes—a common sight in the towns outside of Taiwan’s cities that, however, remains largely oblivious to public and media attention. What characterizes these stages in recent decades are the easily recognizable “global images” featured prominently on the backdrops—such as the Sydney Opera House, Hello Kitty, Arc de Triomphe, etc.—often in gaudy colours and tacky patterns, sometimes oddly juxtaposed. Based on both the mobile stage phenomenon and Shen’s representations, I explore what cultural literacy might entail and mean when it comes to cross-cultural encounters, as well as the “self-emptying” gesture in Taiwanese society’s enthusiastic embracement of “the world” from which, it perceives, it is relegated to insignificance. Shen sought to capture the image of the plebeian society in Taiwan by documenting the roving vaudeville troupes, but wound up focusing on the stage that showcases little to none of the cultural characteristics or elements of Taiwan known to either the locals or the outsiders, enacting a form of art mediation that does not simply suture the constitutive split in its photographic representations.


  • (Un)timely Reflections: Reading the Chinese Translation of Shu-mei Shih’s Visuality and Identity: Sinophone Articulations across the Pacific

    HSIAO, Li-Chun

    Chung Wai Literary Quarterly   43 ( 1 ) 213 - 222  2014.03


  • Theoretical Thinking on the Fault Lines of Theory, Commonsense, and Reform

    HSIAO, Li-Chun

    Chung Wai Literary Quarterly   43 ( 1 ) 15 - 58  2014  [Refereed]


  • Color (Un)conscious: Psychoanalysis, Resistance, and the Specter/Spectacle of Race

    HSIAO, Li-Chun

    Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies   36 ( 1 ) 159 - 187  2010  [Refereed]


  • The Corruption of Slaves into Tyrants’: Toussaint, Haiti, and the Writing of Postcolonial Trauma postcolonial trauma

    HSIAO, Li-Chun

    JOURNAL OF THE MIDWEST MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION   41 ( 1 ) 67 - 77  2008  [Refereed]


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Books and Other Publications 【 display / non-display

  • The Indivisible Globe, the Indissoluble Nation: University, Postcoloniality, and the Formation of National Literature

    HSIAO, Li-Chun( Part: Sole author)

    Stuttgart: ibidem Press, distributed by Columbia University Pres  2021 ISBN: 9783838215242  [Refereed]

  • Keywords for Theory/Taiwan, Book chapter: De/fault

    HSIAO, Li-Chun, Eds.Dung-sheng Chen, Chia-ling Mei, Chaoyang Liao, Shu-mei Shih( Part: Contributor)

    Taipei: Unitas  2019.03


  • Comparatizing Taiwan/ Book chapter: Far-fetched Lands: The Caribbean, Taiwan, and Submarine Relations

    HSIAO, Li-Chun, Eds.Ping-huei Liao, Shu-mei Shih( Part: Contributor)

    New York: Routledge  2015

  • Feminist Criticism / Postcolonialism

    Eds. Kuei-fen Chiu, Li-Chun Hsiao

    Taipei: Council of Cultural Development of Executive Yuan, Taiwan  2010

  • Representing Humanity in an Age of Terror/ Book chapter: The Black Body and Representations of the (In)human.” Thematic issue “Representing Humanity in an Age of Terror

    HSIAO.Li-Chun, Eds. Sophia, A. McClennen, Henry James Morello

    Purdue University Press  2010 ISBN: 155753568X

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Specific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Facing the Music: Calypso, Carnival Masking, and Postcolonial Resistance in The Dragon Can’t Dance


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    This is a project for the academic year from Apr 01 2021 to Mar 31 2022.  During this period, I published a book on postcolonial studies that is related to one of the topics covered by this project--postcolonial resistance.Publication information about my book can be found at the link below:https://cup.columbia.ed/book/the-indivisible-globe-the-indissoluble-nation/9783838215242 Li-Chun Hsiao, The Indivisible Globe, the Indissoluble Nation: Universality, Postcoloniality, and Nationalism in the Age of Globalization.  Stuttgart: ibidem Press, distributed by Columbia University Press, 2021.

  • Borderline Theory: Charting Theoretical Frontiers in Caribbean Writings


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    The project is in the stage of wrapping up the writing to be submitted for conference presentation consideration.  The draft received positive feedbacks from the scholars attended in an on-line workshop. The positive comments have further facilitated the writing moving forward in a smooth pace.   

  • Staging the World: Cross-Cultural (Il)literacy, the Mobile Stage Phenomenon in Taiwan, and Shen Chao-liang’s Stage


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    With the support of this grant, the project has produced one journal article that has been accepted and published by a renowned journal, CRITICAL ARTS-SOUTH-NORTH CULTURAL AND MEDIA STUDIES with Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). The publication has acknowledged this financial support. 

  • Soft-core Totalitarianism, Hard-core Modernism, and the Fascination of What's Not Difficult


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    A working paper based on this project was presented in an academic international workshop held by American Studies Institute at Seoul National University. The project has been organized in a paper format for journal submission consideration. In addition to this, the project has been incorporated into a potential book project. 


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