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Affiliated organization, Global Education Center
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Assistant Professor(without tenure)

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    Waseda University

Research Areas

  • Educational psychology

Research Interests

  • 意思決定理論

  • アカデミック・ライティング


  • 優秀論文賞

    2019.08   日本リメディアル教育学会  

    Winner: 中島宏治

  • 学生研究発表優秀賞

    2013.06   日本経営システム学会  

    Winner: 中島宏治



  • ライティング・センターにおけるオンライン支援の分析―対面支援の発話量および発話内容との比較―

    坂本 麻裕子, 中島 宏治

      16   27 - 41  2022  [Refereed]

  • リメディアル大学生の英語学習態度とパフォーマンスの関係―自己効力感・内発的価値・自己調整とTOEIC®リスニングスコア―

    渡 寛法, 中島 宏治

    リメディアル教育研究   14   51 - 59  2020  [Refereed]


  • Students' Responses to Instructor Feedback in an Academic Writing Course: Findings From an Experiment and Interviews

    SAKAMOTO Mayuko, NAKASHIMA Koji, UTO Nobuyuki, WATARI Hironori, SHIMADA Hiromi, SADOSHIMA Saori

    Journal of the Japan Association for Developmental Education   12   39 - 48  2018  [Refereed]

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    This paper aims to examine the influences of written feedback on students' writing skills and attitudes, as well as the differences in the influences according to the type of written feedback. In this study, we conducted an experimental writing course for undergraduate students (n = 45) for eight weeks. One group received only evaluative comments on their writing; the other group received evaluative and instructive comments. The results revealed both groups showed positive effects on their writing skills and attitude. However, the group with the two types of comments had more positive attitude toward the feedback. In addition, the findings from the interview survey suggested that the types of effective feedback may be different depending on the targeted writing skills.

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  • ライティング・センターにおける文章作成支援の現状と課題―学生アンケートの自由記述分析から―

    渡寛法, 中島宏治, 佐渡島紗織

    大学教育学会誌   38 ( 2 ) 78 - 83  2016  [Refereed]

  • Exploring the Structure of Academic Writing Ability by Factor Analysis

    SADOSHIMA Saori, SAKAMOTO Mayuko, UTO Nobuyuki, WATARI Hironori, ONO Masumi, SOTOMURA Erina, NAKASHIMA Koji

    Journal of the Japan Association for Developmental Education   11 ( 2 ) 151 - 160  2016  [Refereed]

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    <p>The purpose of this research is to analyze the structure of academic writing ability of first-year and second-year university students—students who are at the stage of general education. Practitioners and scholars have analyzed students' writing ability; however, analyses on university students have been limited to those conducted under subjective criteria based on practices in a particular classroom or a certain course. Studies using objective methods have typically been limited to the level of junior-high and high-school students. Thus, the present study analyzed a larger sample of students' papers at the university level using an objective methodology—factor analysis. 384 assignment papers from various courses written by first-year and second-year university students were evaluated using thirty-five criteria. The criteria were all based on the skills of academic writing without regard to specific fields. Factor analysis indicated five factors relevant to students' academic writing ability: words and sentences, content, paragraphs, overall organization, and references. This five-factor structure of students' academic writing ability can be applied in designing an academic writing course as well as in developing a rubric for assessing students' academic writing at the stage of general education.</p>


Books and Other Publications

  • 大学生のためのレポートの書き方 : 課題に応える卒論に活かせる

    佐渡島, 紗織, 坂本, 麻裕子, 中島, 宏治, 太田, 裕子(日本語教育)

    ナツメ社  2022.08 ISBN: 9784816372315




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