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Noriyuki Inoue, Ph.D. specializes in educational psychology, educational research methods and educational system development. At Waseda University, he teaches educational sciences, educational innovation, educational system development as well as educational research seminars. ​His recent research focuses on action research, lesson study, inquiry-based teaching, teacher expertise development, cultural educational epistemology and motivation to learn. His journal articles have appeared in Learning and Instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education, Individual Differences and Learning, Journal of Education for Teaching, Mathematical Thinking and Learning, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Educational Action Research, among other sources. In 2012, he published a book titled "Mirrors of the mind: An introduction of mindful ways of thinking education" from Peter Lang Publishing (New York, NY). His second book, "Beyond Actions: Psychology of Action Research for Mindful Educational Improvement" was released from Peter Lang Publishing in 2015. Dr. Inoue began his career in Japan as a mathematics teacher where he developed a variety of interests in human cognition and development. During these years, his initial interests in mathematics education evolved into an interest in human cognition and development, which he increasingly became convinced were one of the most fundamental issues in education. In 1991, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in the U.S., and received an M.Ed. from Harvard University, and continued his graduate studies that resulted in receiving an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has been teaching and conducting a series of research at Waseda University as a Professor since 2017. He has served as a reviewer for several journals in learning sciences as well as a consultant for schools and universities. He is now actively involved in advancing scholarship in the area of teacher expertise development using action research as the theoretical and methodological framework to uncover new ways of thinking learning and teaching. He welcomes inquiries from international researchers as well as potential graduate students interested in working with him. (He accepts graduate theses and dissertations written in English.)

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  • Faculty of Human Sciences   School of Human Sciences (Online Degree Program)

  • Faculty of Human Sciences   Graduate School of Human Sciences

  • Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences   School of Education

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  • 1995.09

    Columbia University  

  • 1991.07

    Harvard University  

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  • Columbia University   Ph.D.

  • Columbia University   M.A.

  • Harvard University   M.Ed.

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  • 2017.04

    Waseda University   Faculty of Human Sciences   Professor

  • 2003.08

    University of San Diego   School of Leadership and Education Sciences   Associate Professor

  • 2001.08

    University of Saint Joseph   Assistant Professo   r

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    World Association of Lesson Study


    International Journal for Transformative Research


    Japan Association of Educators for Human Development


    American Educational Research Association (AERA)


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  • Educational psychology

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  • Educational Psychology

  • Action Research

  • Non-cognitive skill development

  • Educational Research Methods

  • Teacher Expertise Development

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  • 教師が自己成長できるために:アクション・リサーチャーを育てる

    井上 典之

    浅田 匡・河村 美穂 (編) 教師の学習と成長: 人間教育を実現する教育指導のために ミネルバ書房    2021

    Authorship:Lead author

  • Enhancing Pre-service Teachers’ Reflective Quality on Inquiry-based Teaching Through a Community of Practice

    Ketsing, J, Inoue, N, Buczynski, S

    Science Education International   31 ( 3 ) 367 - 378  2020  [Refereed]

  • Deconstructing teacher expertise for inquiry-based teaching: Looking into consensus building pedagogy in Japanese classrooms

    Inoue, N, Asada, T, Maeda, N, Nakamura, S

    Teaching and Teacher Education   77   366 - 377  2019  [Refereed]

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    What does it take for teachers to effectively teach inquiry-based lessons? We videotaped a series of mathematics lessons that involve whole class consensus building discussions (neriage) taught by leading teachers at Japanese elementary schools followed by teacher interviews. The triangulated data analysis revealed that the teachers facilitated class discussions to achieve the lesson goals effectively, but they made modifications to their lesson plans on the spot to bring all the students together while promoting their whole person development. Based on these, we argue that the teacher expertise to teach inquiry-based lessons effectively involves holistic envisioning, adaptability and inclusiveness.


  • Bringing life to educational psychology through cross-cultural experiences. In K. Keith (Ed.), Culture across the curriculum: A psychology teacher's handbook. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

    Inoue, N


  • Educational epistemology, culture and history: Response to Joan Walton.

    Inoue, N

    International Journal for Transformative Research   3   29 - 32  2016  [Invited]

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Books and Other Publications 【 display / non-display

  • Beyond actions: Psychology of action research for mindful educational improvement.

    Inoue, N

    New York: Peter Lang Publishing  2015

  • Mirrors of the mind: An introduction of mindful ways of thinking education

    Inoue. N

    New York: Peter Lang Publishing  2012

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  • University Professorship Award

    2014   University of San Diego  

  • Fulbright Scholarship

    1992   JUSEC (Fulbright Japan)  

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  • International development of lesson study to promote elementary school students' non-cognitive skills

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  • 算数教育において非認知的能力を促進する方法を解明するためのアクションリサーチ研究


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  • 教師の専門技能発達のための批判的内省の内容・意味の研究


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    このプロジェクトでは教師の専門技能発達のために不可欠と考えられている教師の批判的省察 (criticalreflection)の性質をより深く理解するために申請者が米国の大学の教員養成プログラムにおいて収集したデータの分析を行い、2017年 8 月にコペンハーゲンで行われたヨーロッパ教育学会(European Conferenceon Educational Research)で研究結果の発表を行なった。現在学会で得られたフィードバックをベースに、欧米の学会誌に研究内容を投稿する準備を行なっている。


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