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  • 2008年10月

    ケンブリッジ大学   古典学部   博士課程  

  • 2003年04月

    東京大学   大学院総合文化研究科   国際社会科学専攻 修士・博士課程  

  • 1999年04月

    東京大学   教養学部   総合社会科学科  

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  • University of Cambridge   Doctor of Philosophy

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  • 2013年11月

    弘前大学   教育学部   講師・非常勤講師


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  • 自然主義

  • 目的論

  • 互恵性

  • 弁証法

  • 定義

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  • J. S. Mill on Liberty, Socratic Dialectic, and the Logic behind Political Discourse

    Kazutaka Inamura

    Journal of the History of Ideas   81 ( 2 ) 257 - 277  2020年04月  [査読有り]



    © Journal of the History of Ideas. This article examines J. S. Mill’s philosophical logic as the basis for his political philosophy. In particular, it explores how he understands the logical mechanism of political discourse in his work A System of Logic and how this understanding supports his defense of freedom of thought and discussion in his On Liberty (chapter 2). While it is well known in the scholarly literature that Mill draws on Socratic dialectic to develop his view of political discourse, this article investigates in detail the logic behind the Socratic dialectic, thereby identifying the historical significance of Mill’s defense of liberty of discussion.


  • テクストの分析と影響関係 (政治思想史の新しい手法)

    稲村 一隆

    思想   ( 1143 ) 82 - 98  2019年07月


  • Scientific Classification and Essentialism in the Aristotelian Typology of Constitutions

    Kazutaka Inamura

    History of Political Thought   40 ( 2 ) 196 - 218  2019年06月  [査読有り]

    担当区分:筆頭著者, 責任著者

  • リベラル優生学の問題点


    生命倫理   23 ( 1 ) 46 - 53  2013年09月  [査読有り]


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  • 書評『ポリスへの愛-アーレントと政治哲学の可能性』(森一郎、風行社、2020年)


    Arendt Platz   6   71 - 73  2021年08月  [招待有り]



  • Aristotle on Sovereignty

    Kazutaka Inamura

    Reading Texts on Sovereignty: Textual Moments in the History of Political Thought (Stella Achilleos and Antonis Balasopoulos (eds.), Bloomsbury)     17 - 24  2021年07月  [査読有り]  [招待有り]



  • 「アリストテレス」「ケンブリッジ学派」


    『よくわかる政治思想』(野口雅弘、山本圭、高山裕二 編著)    2021年04月  [招待有り]


  • Virtue Ethics and Contemporary Aristotelianism. Modernity, Conflict and Politics

    Kazutaka Inamura

    CLASSICAL REVIEW   71 ( 1 ) 66 - 68  2021年04月  [招待有り]




  • 書評会ノート:斎藤拓也『カントにおける倫理と政治:思考様式・市民社会・共和制』(晃洋書房、2019年)をめぐって

    網谷壮介, 稲村一隆, 金慧, 斎藤拓也

    メディア・コミュニケーション研究   74   59 - 83  2021年03月   [ 国内誌 ]



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  • ティーチングアワード

    2017年   早稲田大学   (政治経済学部「政治学基礎文献研究(英語)B」)  

    受賞者: 稲村一隆

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  • Aristotelian Teleology in the Distribution of Resources

    Kauztaka Inamura  [招待有り]

    26th World Congress of Political Science  

    発表年月: 2021年07月

  • アリストテレスの分類学から観察する民主政

    稲村一隆  [招待有り]


    発表年月: 2021年05月

  • 「自然は無駄なものを作らない」:分業と分配的正義に関するアリストテレスの目的論



    発表年月: 2020年09月

  • Aristotle on Reciprocity and Hierarchy

    Kazutaka Inamura  [招待有り]

    Ancient Worlds/Global Antiquity series at Yale-NUS college  

    発表年月: 2020年02月

  • The Role-Exchange Reciprocity as a Basis for Republicanism

    Kazutaka Inamura  [招待有り]

    27th Political Philosophy Workshop at Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai  

    発表年月: 2019年11月

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  • 古代ギリシアの政治思想における財産の所有と分配の規範理論に関する探究



    This research has examinedhow Aristotle’s teleological nature is used in his argument about thedistribution and use of resources in the Politics. This nature is different from the nature ofa particular species (such as “human nature”) in that it works as if it is an agent that distributes resourcesto creatures and arranges organs in their bodies. The work of this teleologicalnature is expressed in the principle that nature does nothing in vain. From apresent-day angle, however, this nature is abused for justifying enslavement,gender inequality and hierarchies. This research addresses these problemswith such applications of biological ideas to political philosophy. It has clarified that Aristotle’s teleological thinking is indispensable for developing a unified theory of just distribution. I spoke about this research in a conference (第41回政治哲学研究会) in 26th September 2021 (online) and will offer a presentation in International Political Science Association, 10th-15th July 2021 (online). I have written an article and submitted it to an international journal.

  • 相互性の社会規範に関するオンライン・サーベイの研究

    2020年   Michiko Ueda, Robert Veszteg


    Our research has carried out a representative survey experiment with 1900 respondentsin Japan in January 2021. It explores how the first- and third-person perspectives affect people’s normativechoices regarding a fair distribution of scarce resources. Our goal is to performan empirical test of equity theory (or desert-based theory of justice)according to which “inputs (into a relationship) and outputs (out of arelationship) should be in the same proportion for all persons involved” (Gaertnerand Schokkaert 2012, p.98). We do so by observing choicesin asymmetric situations for which equity theory prescribes non-egalitarian outcomes. We have created 18 vignettes by altering the values of three treatment variables:perspective (first vs third person), relative position (advantaged vsdisadvantaged), and context (distributing bananas on an uninhabited island, assigningbonus payment in a business, and redistributing labor income through taxation). We conclude that, for people’s normative choicesregarding a fair distribution, perspective does not matter, but relativepositions do. Decision-makers in the advantaged position tend to besignificantly more egalitarian. We will offer a presentation about these results in a conference (1st European Experimental Philosophy Conference, 17th-19th June, 2021, Charles University, Prague (online). We are also writing an article to publish it in an international journal.

  • 弁証術を通した政治哲学の方法論(反照的均衡)の論理的基礎の解明



    This research has examined reflective equilibrium as a method for normative political philosophy from theperspective of Aristotelian dialectic. John Rawls’s reflective equilibrium isdialectical in the sense that it refers to people’s common opinions orconsidered judgements as a starting point for enquiry to formulate theprinciples of justice. However, this method iscriticised by Richard Hare and Stephen Stich in that people’s common opinionsmight be biased, and that these opinions cannot offer objective bases for moralitybecause they might be coloured by individual differences, local cultures orgenetic factors. The current research has addressed this epistemological problem inlight of the recent argument on the dialectical conception of epistemicjustification, and considered how this method offers a reliable basis forformulating ethical values. The analysis has described the process ofethical reasoning, particularly theoretical acceptance, thereby showing how thereflective equilibrium method works according to humans’ natural process ofconcept formation and how it contributes to creating a unified, systematic andobjective scheme of ethical values. The current research has concluded that a dialectical approach contributes positively to the purpose of ethical theory, which is to clarify the ideas of ethical values and offer a conceptual framework for issuing ethical judgements.


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  • 2018年09月

    Japanese Journal of Political Science  Editor