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INOUE, Fuminori
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, School of Culture, Media and Society
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  • 博士


Research Projects

  • Integrated Studies in the Decline Problems in the Greek and Roman Antiquity

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    The purpose of this project was to construct a new standard of discussion on the decline problems in the Greek and Roman Antiquity. At the first stage of research, we examined the recent theories which had denied the decline phenomenon in the Hellenistic Greece and the Later Roman Empire. Then, we moved to the researches of historical sources and tried to examine the decline phenomenon which the traditional research had confirmed. We also paid much attention to the topic “decline narratives” and organized an international conference “Decline and Decline-Narratives in the Greek and Roman World” at the University of Oxford in March of 2017. At the last stage of this project, we compared the decline problems of both the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire and tried to find an original and valuable way how to discuss the decline problems

  • Ritual and Community in the East Mediterranean Society

  • Roman Empire and Palmyra in the Third Century A.D.



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