IGETA, Takako



Affiliated organization, Center for Japanese Language

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Associate Professor(without tenure)

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  • Faculty of Science and Engineering   Global Center for Science and Engineering

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  • Sophia University   Ph.D.


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  • Japanese language education

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  • MOOC受講者の学習行動の傾向

    木下直子, 大熊伊宗, 井下田貴子

    第 27 回大学教育研究フォーラム     109 - 109  2021.03  [Refereed]

  • 「アカデミック・プレゼンテーション」の実践―多様な専攻の学生で構成されたクラスでの取り組み―


    早稲田日本語教育実践研究   ( 9 )  2021

    Authorship:Lead author

  • Dominance of lower formants of Korean vowels /o/-/u/ in perceptual identification by Seoul dialect listeners

    Takako Igeta, Takayuki Arai

    ACOUSTICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY   40 ( 1 ) 56 - 58  2019.01  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Lead author

  • Reverberation degrades native listener’s perception of Japanese monosyllables and special morae

    Takayuki Arai, Eri Osawa, Takako Igeta, Nao Hodoshima

    Acoustical Science and Technology   39 ( 3 ) 252 - 255  2018  [Refereed]

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    In this study, we focused on the speech perception of monosyllables and special morae in Japanese and compared the results under a reverberant condition with those under a non-reverberant condition. From the results of the monosyllables, we confirmed that even native speakers confuse part of the stimuli with relatively long reverberation. Furthermore, for the continua of nonsense words with special morae, we conducted long vs short identification tests. As a result, we found that reverberation affects the listeners’ performance, especially when durational cues are used. Perceiving announcements through a public address system in a large room, such as large halls, subway stations, and airport terminals, is often difficult even for native listeners. For non-native listeners, it is even more difficult. One of the major applications of the present study is providing more intelligible speech signals through such a system in a large room for native and non-native listeners. Testing with a larger set of stimuli and listeners including non-native listeners will be part of our future work.


  • Overlapping of Back Vowels /o/ and /u/ by Young Seoul Korean Speakers: Focusing on the Effect of Preceding Consonantal Type and Utterance Unit on Overlap in Formant Distribution

    井下田貴子, 廣谷定男, 荒井隆行

    音声研究   21 ( 2 ) 53‐60 - 60  2017.08  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Lead author


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  • Non-native speakers perform poorer than native speakers in Japanese speech recognition in reverberation

    E. Osawa, T. Arai, N. Hodoshima, T. Igeta

    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America   140 ( 4 ) 3333 - 3333  2016.12

    Research paper, summary (international conference)  

  • 韓国人学習者の外来語表記における日本語化ストラテジーと、意識に関す る一考察

    井下田 貴子

    日本語教育学会,研究集会    2009.10

    Research paper, summary (national, other academic conference)  

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  • 若年層韓国語ソウル方言話者に見られる後舌母音/o/ の孤立発話時の音響特徴

    井下田 貴子


    Presentation date: 2015.11

  • Importance of emergency announcement for non-native Japanese listeners

    Takako Igeta  [Invited]

    The Japan Association for Language Teaching 

    Presentation date: 2015.05

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  • 中国人日本語学習者における半母音の音響特徴と知覚の傾向


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