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Faculty of Law, School of Law
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MA ( Keio University )
MA ( University of York )
PhD ( University of Manchester )

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Research Areas

  • European literature

Research Interests

  • Romantic Literature, Victorian Literature, Shelley, Mary Shelley, Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning



  • 'What was all this except the lesson of life?': Browning's Fifine at the Fair and Shelley

    Rieko Suzuki

    Keats-Shelley Review   30 ( 1 ) 63 - 69  2016  [Refereed]

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    This essay argues that Browning's 'most metaphysical and boldest' poem after Sordello, Fifine at the Fair, is also a poem in which Percy Shelley's influence can be detected. I have argued elsewhere for the influence of Shelley on Browning in Sordello and Browning returned to address issues that Shelley raised in 'The Triumph of Life' in Fifine. Although it is often thought that Browning moved away from Shelley after discovering the Harriet letters, I argue that he worked out his attitude towards Shelley in Fifine through the concepts of 'falsehood' and 'truth'. As for his engagement with Romanticism, Browning criticizes the condescending attitude that the speaker-narrator takes in 'The Triumph' towards the people to embrace humanity in its flawed state. He also engages with the moral dilemma that was central to 'The Triumph' by working out the protagonist's relationship with two female figures - Elvire and Fifine. As a result, the essay concludes that Fifine can be seen as a direct response to Shelley's 'The Triumph'.



  • "Browning's The Ring and the Book": Altering the Case for Shelley's The Cenci"

    Rieko Suzuki

    Humanities   52   136 - 164  2014.02  [Refereed]

  • ”Browning on Romanticism"

    Rieko Suzuki

    Keats-Shelley Review   27 ( 1 ) 31 - 38  2013.04  [Refereed]

  • ”’A Romantic Truth of History': Gender in Mary Shelley's Valperga and Robert Browning's Sordello"

    La questione Romantica   1 ( 1 ) 55 - 68

  • ”Recovering the Female Voice: The 'sad disheveled ghost' in Browning's Sordello"

    Studies in Browning and His Circle   25   72 - 85

  • “Shelley's 'The Triumph of Life': The Absence of an Audience"

    藝文研究   ( 70 ) 143 - 158

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Books and Other Publications

  • The Shelleys and the Brownings: Textual Re-imaginings and the Question of Influence (English Association Monographs Lup)

    Rieko Suzuki

    Liverpool Univ Pr  2022.03 ISBN: 1800856474


  • Negotiating History: From Romanticism to Victorianism

    Rieko Suzuki

    Waseda University Press  2012.06 ISBN: 9784657127037

  • 中世主義を超えて


    慶応義塾大学出版  2009.03

  • The Influence and Anxiety of the British Romantics


    The Edwin Mellon Press  1999


  • The Jewish Question: The Merchant of Venice and George Eliot's Daniel Deronda

    Rieko Suzuki  [Invited]

    Presentation date: 2020.03

  • Frankenstein Reconsidered: Mary Shelley, Wordsworth and Burke

    Rieko Suzuki

    Presentation date: 2019.08

  • Republicanism in Mary Shelley's Valperga and Robert Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki

    Presentation date: 2019.05

  • Castle Rackrent: Maria Edgeworth's Sense of History

    Rieko Suzuki  [Invited]

    Presentation date: 2018.12

  • The Shelleys and the Brownings

    Rieko Suzuki

    Presentation date: 2017.09

  • The Representation of the Coast in Sydney Owenson's The Wild Irish Girl

    Rieko Suzuki

    Presentation date: 2015.10

  • P. B. Shelley and Elizabeth Barrett

    Rieko Suzuki

    Presentation date: 2013.08

  • Browning's Paracelsus: A Response to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

    Rieko Suzuki

    Victorian Media Conference 

    Presentation date: 2012.10

  • Browning's Articulation of Romanticism as a Distant Event

    Rieko Suzuki

    Romanticism and the Tyrannies of Distance 

    Presentation date: 2011.02

  • Republicanism at Large: Mary Shelley's Valperga and Robert Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki


    Presentation date: 2008.03

  • 'The loathsome mask has fallen': The Influence of Leigh Hunt's Descent of Liberty on P. B. Shelley's Prometheus Unbound

    Rieko Suzuki


    Presentation date: 2007.07

  • The Wild Irish Girl: Mothering High Romanticism

    Wild Irish Girls Conference 

    Presentation date: 2006.07

  • Forging the Genius? The Spurious Letters of Shelley

    Rieko Suzuki

    Romanticism and Forgery Conference 

    Presentation date: 2003.11

  • Mary Shelley's Valperga: A Site of Conflict

    Rieko Suzuki

    Romantic Conflict Conference 

    Presentation date: 2003.07

  • J.S. Mill on Progress and Its Influence on Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki

    Moving Forward, Looking Back: Thinking about Progress 1800-1850 Conference 

    Presentation date: 2003.04

  • Thomas Carlyle and J.S. Mill in the 1830s: Romantic Historiography and Utilitarian Ethics in Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki

    1830s International Conferece 

    Presentation date: 2002.09

  • Wordsworthian Influences, Inferences, and Poetic Anxiety in Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki

    Wordsworth's 'second selves' International Conference 

    Presentation date: 2002.07

  • Recovering the Female Voice: The 'sad disheveled ghost' in Browning's Sordello

    Rieko Suzuki

    Armstrong Browning Library Golden Jubilee International Conference 

    Presentation date: 2001.10

  • Rome in the Writings of the Shelleys

    Rieko Suzuki


    Presentation date: 2001.06

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Overseas Activities

  • The Shelleys and the Brownings


    米国   ニューヨーク大学


  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

  • Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences   Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Research Institute

  • 2022

    Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society   Concurrent Researcher

Internal Special Research Projects

  • Cultures of the Periphery

    2016   ローリー・ゲイ, 本山哲人, 下田啓, 武黒麻起子

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     「辺境の文化」について、以下の研究・打ち合わせを行った。 二度に亘るシカゴ大学への出張において、Franke Institute所長のジェームズ・チャンドラ氏と打ち合わせを行い、今後どのように研究を進めていくか話し合った。また、シカゴ大学名誉教授である、ノルマ・フィールド氏とも会い、研究の基礎となる理論的概念について話し合った。 シカゴ大学図書館ならびにテューレーン大学図書館において、関係資料を集めた。主に、シカゴ大学においては、J M シング、トマス・クロハン、フラン・オブライアンについての資料の収集を行った。また、テュレーン大学においては、日本における東北研究についての資料にあたった。 

  • The Shelleys and the Brownings


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    "The Shelleys and the Brownings" bring together the texts of four writers: Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett. The introduction to this book project maps out the literature review on the subject and places it within the context of 'network' and 'coterie'--a concept that has gained much attention recently. The rationale of the book is to deal with various texts of these four writers across gender and coupling, so that a comprehensive picture of the influence of the Shelleys on the Bronwings may emerge.