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  • Research on diversity of the opsin genes of long-tail macaques in Java Island

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

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    MIKAMI Akichika, TAKENAKA Osamu, GOTO Shunji, SHICHIDA Yoshinori, KOIKE Satoshi, OKAMOTO Akiko

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    We analyzed variations in long (L) and middle (M) wavelength sensitive opsin gene loci in long tailed macaques. Unlike humans most monkeys have a single L and a single M gene. Three variant genotypes, one with only one opsin gene (dichromatic), one with L-opsin gene that has M type exon3 and one with tandemly arrayed multiple genes, were also found in the monkeys. However, the frequency of the dichromat was 0.47 %, and that of the tandemly arrayed multiple M opsin genes was 5 % in the monkeys, while 2% and 66 %, respectively in Caucasian males. The two variants were found only in Java Island Indonesia, and the third variant was found only in South Thailand. The data suggest that the frequency of each genotype is different among Old World primates. To add data to solve the evolution of color vision, we also determined the L- and M-opsin genes in 58 male chimpanzees. One subject had protanomalous color vision, while others had normal color vision. Unlike in humans, a polymorphic difference in the copy number of the genes and a polymorphic base substitution at amino acid position 180 were not frequently observed in chimpanzees. Then we tested the advantage of the color deficiency in monkeys, chimps and humans. We found the advantage in shape discrimination in color camouflaged condition. Data suggested the several factors in addition to the selection pressure to determine the low rate of color vision deficiency in monkeys and chimpanzees

  • 個体間の協力的な関係の形成・維持メカニズム-パニッシュメントは協力を引き出すか-

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