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Associate Professor


Mong CHEUNG is associate professor of School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) at Waseda University, Japan. He received his PhD degree in international relations from Waseda University and M.Phil degree in political science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK). His research interests include contemporary Sino-Japanese relations, Japan’s foreign and security policy, foreign-domestic linkage in Chinese and Japanese foreign policy, and comparative strategic culture. His major publication include: Political Survival and Yasukuni in Japan`s Relations with China, (London: Routledge, 2017) . He has published widely in peer-reviewed international journals such as The Pacific Review, Pacific Affairs, Journal of Contemporary East Asian Studies.

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  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

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  • 2006

    Waseda Univesity   Graduate School of Asian Pacific Studies  

  • 2002

    Chinese University of Hong Kong   Graduate School, Division of Politics  

  • 1999

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong  

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  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong   Master of Philosophy

  • 香港中文大學   修士(政治学)

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    The Japan Association of International Relations


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  • International relations

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  • International Relations Theory, Japan-China Relations

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  • Japan`s China policy under Abe: From strategic balancing to tactical hedging

    Mong CHEUNG

    Journal of International Security Studies     86 - 106  2021.03  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • Yasukuni in Japan`s China policy

    Mong CHEUNG

        103 - 116  2018.02  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • Political Survival and Abe`s Yasukuni Diplomacy to China

    Cheung Mong

    Journal of China`s Neighboring Dipolomacy   ( 7 ) 199 - 211  2018  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • Japan’s China policy on Yasukuni under Abe (2012–2015): a political survival interpretation

    Mong CHEUNG

    Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies    2017  [Refereed]

  • JAPANESE DIPLOMACY: The Role of Leadership

    Mong CHEUNG

    PACIFIC AFFAIRS   89 ( 4 ) 901 - 902  2016.12  [Refereed]

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  • Foreign-Domestic Linkages in China's Foreign Policy to Japan (2010-2015)

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  • Foreign-Domestic Linkages in China's Foreign Policy to Japan (2010-2015)


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  • Foreign-Domestic Linkages in China's Foreign Policy toward Japan (2010-2015)

    2016   Tse-Kang Leng

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    The research examines the influence ofdomestic politics to Chinese foreign relations with Japan in the 2010s. By examining two casesafter the Chinese fishing trawler collision incident in 2010 and improvementsof China-Japan relations since 2013, this research offers an alternativeinterpretation to China’s Japan policy in the post-Cold War era by highlightingdomestic legitimacy of political leaders and the power rivalry within theChinese Communist Party (CCP). The empirical findings support the theoretical assumption stated in the proposal submitted 


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