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Faculty of Science and Engineering, Global Center for Science and Engineering
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  • Regulatory Basis of Biomotility: Chemo-mechanical Feedback Loop

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    The main purpose of this study is to make clear the existence of Chemo-mechanical feedback loop (CMF loop) in the regulation of elementary processes of bio-motility such as intracellular transport, oscillation and cell division. We have demonstrated several examples of CMF loop such as 1) self-oscillation (SPOC) phenomena in the contractile system of muscle, i.e., "force generation due to myosin cross-bridges (CB), sliding motion of myofilaments, change in the lattice spacing of myofilaments, change in the probability of CB formation", 2) the timing of chromosome segregation within a HeLa cell depends on the direction of externally applied mechanical impulse, and 3) the realization of the spontaneous formation of contractile ring within a cell-sized confined space, showing the importance of boundary condition for the ordered cytoskeletal structure



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  • 2022

    Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering   Concurrent Researcher