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  • Research of Job-Specialty for White-collars and Public Qualifications

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

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    MIYASHITA Kiyoshi, TANNO Isao, NAKAYAMA Takeshi, YAMAMOTO Hiroshi, USUGAMI Jiro, SUGIURA Masakazu, SAKURAGI Akihiro, HOSOMI Shoichiro

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    By the research project, Job Specialties and Public Qualifications for White-Collar Workers, we could find new findings about qualifications development, and evaluation based on comparisons of Japan-USA-UK. Most important ability for white-collars would be power/ability to apply knowledge to job. In Japan, qualifications of white-collars are not existed practically and there will be difficult to expect to prepare them in the future. In UK/USA, practical work experience and OJT are highly regarded as the way to develop job-executive power/ability. Working place should be the best place to develop HR

  • Knowledge Transfer among Asian Emerging Markets and Organizational Learning of Singapore Companies

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    OTA Masataka, KAWABE Nobuo, SUGIURA Masakazu, ICHIDA Toshihiro, KUWANA Yoshiharu, IMAI Masakazu

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    This 3 year research project successfully ended up with the following 3 outcomes :
    1) First, high quality international networks of Asia business studies have been formed. And during this process we much shared values and ideas about how important the knowledge transfer from advanced MNCs from U.S., Europe, and Japan to emerging markets. In particular, an international symposium in collaboration with Asia Academy of Management held at Waseda University from December 19 through 21 in 2006 is a highlight. Over 200 academics from every corner of Asia as well as dozens of leading Western scholars such as Professor D.E. Westney-(MIT Sloan), who is our overseas advisor, convened and develop exciting but very fruitful discussions for 3 days. No doubt this big success has given a great impact on research activities in the 2nd half of this project.
    2) Secondly, with limited time and budgets each of investigators has effectively implemented his own filed research overseas and successfully acquired a lot of valuable information and knowledge regarding dynamics of emerging markets, strategies and business models coming out therefrom, and mechanism of international knowledge transfer in this metanational competition of the 21st century.
    3) Finally, as we planned 3 years ago when we applied for this project, 3 books Essential International Business , Theories of International Business and New Trends of International Business Studies were published from Chuokeizai Shuppansha in March 2008 as some consequences of this project. In particular, Ota(Head Investigator) as well as Kuwana and Fujii edited Essential International Business and New Trends of International Business Studies to integrate the essence of research made by most members of this project in the last 3 years.



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