Faculty of International Research and Education, School of International Liberal Studies

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  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

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  • 上智大学   修士

  • Sophia University   Ph.d.

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    The Society for Near Easterm Studies in Japan


    Assocation for Islamic Studies in Japan


    Japan Association for Middle East Studies


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  • Area studies

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  • Comparative Sociology, Islamic Area Studies, Iranian Studies

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  • Examining the Emerging Trends in Higher Education in Iran

    Keiko Sakurai

    Journal of Islamic Area Studies   ( 11号 ) 85 - 97  2019.03

  • The 90-year Evolution of Japan’s Academic Interest in Iran

    Keiko Sakurai

    Journal of Islamic Area Studies   ( 11 ) 29 - 46  2019.03

  • Western and Islamic Models of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia and Iran

    Keiko Sakurai

    Dale F. Eickelman, Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf (eds.) Higher Education Investment in the Arab States of the Gulf: Strategies for Excellence and Diversity     23 - 41  2017

  • Iran: Three Dimensional Conflicts

    Keiko Sakurai

    Mah-E-Rukh Ahmed (ed.) Education in West Central Asia, London: Bloomsbury Academic     58 - 78  2013

  • Shi'ite Women's Seminaries (howzeh-ye 'elmiyyeh-ye khahran) in Iran: Possibilities and Limitations

    Keiko Sakurai

    IRANIAN STUDIES   45 ( 6 ) 727 - 744  2012  [Refereed]

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    The establishment of Jamiat al-Zahra, the first official female seminary in post-revolutionary Iran, opened new possibilities for women to enter the male-dominated clerical hierarchy. The rapid growth of female seminaries increased the presence of seminary-educated women in the official religious sphere. However, as opposed to the male seminaries whose dominant role is to train mojtaheds who can issue a competent legal opinion, the primary role of female seminaries is to train educators and propagandists. Drawing on interviews, documents issued by seminaries and secondary sources, this paper concludes that in spite of the rapid growth of female seminaries, very few women reach the rank of a mojtahed, and thus, in no way weaken the male-centric seminary system in contemporary Iran.


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  • Shaping Global Islamic Discourses The Role of al-Azhar, al-Medina and al-Mustafa

    Masooda Bano, Keiko Sakurai( Part: Joint editor)

    Edinburgh University Press  2015.03 ISBN: 9780748696857

  • イランの宗教教育戦略-グローバル化と留学生


    山川出版社  2014.08 ISBN: 9784634474734

  • The Moral Economy of the Madrasa: Islam and Education Today (New Horizons in Islamic Studies)

    Keiko Sakurai, Edito, Fariba Adelkhah (Edito

    Routledge  2011.03 ISBN: 0415589886

  • シーア派 台頭するイスラーム少数派


    中公新書  2006.10 ISBN: 4121018664

  • 日本のムスリム社会


    ちくま新書  2003.07 ISBN: 4480061207

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  • 6th International Cultural Research of the Year, Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance


  • The Asian Pacific Awards 2001


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  • 革命後のイランの社会変動と若年世代の教育動向に関する社会調査


    シリア   アルザフラ―女子大学教育心理学部

    イギリス   オックスフォード大学・ウォルフソン・カレッジ


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