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  • Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences   Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • Faculty of Political Science and Economics   School of Political Science and Economics

  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

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  • 武満徹とミュージック・コンクレート--現実音/楽音と音楽

    比較文学年誌   ( 41 ) 65 - 80  2005.03

  • 秋山邦晴『昭和の作曲家たち--太平洋戦争と音楽』書評

      ( 46 ) 53 - 56  2005.03

  • イオセリアーニ『四月』における音/音楽の処理をめぐって

    演劇映像   ( 46 ) 14 - 21  2005.03

  • 湯沢英彦著『クリスチャン・ボルタンスキー』評

    週間読書人   2557  2004.10

  • 松浦寿輝著『半島』評

    図書新聞   2698  2004.10

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  • 斜にかまえた「音楽の力」

    21世紀の音楽入門--「音楽の力 生とともに在るもの・音楽療法」/教育芸術社  2005.10

  • 伊東忠太ほか11項目

    その時、何歳だったのか/別冊國文學  2005.06

  • 音の重なり? ハーモニー? --20世紀以降の和声とは

    21世紀の音楽入門--「和声-音色を彩るもの」/教育芸術社  2005.04

  • 瀧口修造と作曲家--音楽にみる夢のかたち

    瀧口修造 夢の漂流物/世田谷美術館  2005.03

  • 武満徹 その音楽地図


    PHP  2005.02

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  • アサヒビール・ロビー・コンサート企画


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  • 出光音楽賞(学術・評論部門)


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  • アートマネージャー養成システムの構築に関する基礎的研究

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  • Basic Study of Arts Manager Education System

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    In Japan, arts and cultural environment surrounding public theatre and hall has changed remarkably. It seems to include not only an increase of facilities, but changes of operating organization and system, and also of relationship with schools, development of educational programs and concern with public urban policy. In this age and future, what should be the educational system of arts managers? We had taken two approaches for basic research :1.Domestic researchWe can see the extension of arts management education in universities in recent years, but most of them are not designed as arts manager training program. Some issues seems to remain unsolved ; difference between graduate and undergrad, suitable model setting, practical education method, relationship with arts organizations, jobs after graduation and so on.2.Overseas researchWe had instituted an inquiry about overseas cases including United Kingdom, France, Germany, the U.S.A., Russia and Ukraine. Although each country and each case have different background, the necessity of arts management education is recognized to be an important issue and all of these countries have the education (training) program in university. Various efforts are made in course programming such as subject, faculty, cooperation with arts organizations and so forth

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  • 21世紀における音楽文化の変容


    フランス   パリ国立図書館、IRCAM


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