KONDO, Mariko



Faculty of International Research and Education, School of International Liberal Studies

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  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

  • Faculty of International Research and Education   Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

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  • 2018

    ことばの科学研究所   プロジェクト研究所所長

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  • 1989.10

    The University of Edinburgh   Linguistics   Phonetics  

  • 1987.10

    University College of London, University of London   Department of Phonetics  

  • 1986.10

    Institute of Education, University of London   Language and Literature in Education  

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • 早稲田大学   文学士

  • Waseda University   B.A. in Literature

  • ロンドン大学教育学研究所(英国)   英語教育学修士

  • The Institute of Education, The University of London (UK)   M.A.in Language and Literature in Education

  • ロンドン大学ユニバーシティー・コレッジ・ロンドン(英国)   音声学修士

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Professional Memberships 【 display / non-display


    Acoustical Society of Japan


    The Association of Laboratory Phonology


    The International Speech Communication Association


    The International Phonetic Association


    The Linguistic Society of Japan

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  • Linguistics

Research Interests 【 display / non-display

  • Phonetics, Phonology, Speech perception, Language acquisition, Speech Corpus

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Mispronunciation of Japanese singleton and geminate stops by Korean and Taiwanese Mandarin speakers

    Kimiko Yamakawa, Shigeaki Amano, Mariko Kondo

    Acoustical Science and Technology   42 ( 2 ) 73 - 82  2021.03


  • Phonetic fluency of Japanese learners of English: automatic vs native and non-native assessment

    Kondo, Mariko, Fontan, Lionel, Le Coz, Maxime, Konishi, Takayuki, Detey, Sylvain

    Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2020     Paper No. 163  2020.05  [Refereed]

  • Control of foot-based English speech rhythm by Japanese speakers

    Takayuki KONISHI, Mariko KONDO

        21 - 25  2019.09

  • Logarithmic duration to predict and discriminate singleton and geminate consonants in Japanese

    Amano Shigeaki, Yamakawa Kimiko, Kondo Mariko

    Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 2019     Paper No. 2960 - Paper No. 2960  2019.08  [Refereed]

  • Acoustic characteristics of Japanese short and long vowels: formant displacement effect revisited

    Yazawa Kakeru, Kondo Mariko

    Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 2019     Paper No. 720 - Paper No. 720  2019.08  [Refereed]

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Books and Other Publications 【 display / non-display

  • "Asymmetric acquisition of English liquid consonants by Japanese speakers" in 『The Corpus Phonology of English: Multifocal Analyses of Variation』

    Mariko KONDO( Part: Contributor)

    Edinburgh University Press  2020.07

  • Linguistic Research and Advances of Linguistic Studies Series” Vol. 1: Linguistics Structure and Analysis - Syntax, Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Section II "Recent advances of Phonetics and Phonology".

    MIYAKODA Haruko, KONDO Mariko, NISHIHARA Tetsuo( Part: Joint author)

    Kaitakusha  2018.10

  • "Recognition of English Liquid Consonants by Japanese Speakers", in Nishihara, T., S. Tanaka, N. Hayase and T. Ono, (Eds.) "Frontiers of Modern Linguistic Theories"

    KONDO Mariko( Part: Joint author)

    Kaitakusha Publishing  2017.11 ISBN: 9784758918244

  • New Dictionary of English and Linguistic

    Nakano Kouzou, Hattori Yoshihiro, Ono Takahiro, Nishihara Tetsuo( Part: Contributor)

    Kaitaku-sha  2015.11 ISBN: 9784758922159

  • Allophonic Variation in Japanese Consonants and Problems of Second Language Production

    Mariko Kondo( Part: Contributor)

    Current Issues in Japanese Phonology: Segmental Variation in Japanese, van de Weijer, J. and Nishihara, T. (eds.), Kaitakusha  2013.01 ISBN: 9784758921800

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Misc 【 display / non-display

  • 撥音と鼻子音の生成範疇境界を表す変数

    天野成昭, 山川仁子, 近藤眞理子

    日本音響学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2019  2019


  • 非日本語母語話者が発声した日本語音声の自然性に関わる音響特徴

    山川仁子, 天野成昭, 近藤眞理子

    日本音響学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2016  2016


  • 母音の無声化を伴う促音・非促音の時間的特徴

    天野成昭, 山川仁子, 近藤眞理子

    日本音響学会研究発表会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2016  2016


  • Naturalness Evaluation of Japanese Words Spoken by Non-native Speakers

    Kimiko YAMAKAWA, Shigeaki AMANO, Mariko KONDO

    Proceedings of the auditory research meeting   45 ( 9 ) 709 - 714  2015.12

  • A Reading woman / A Misread Woman

    KONDO Mariko

    Baika Women's University Faculty of Cultural and Expression Studies bulletin   6   11 - 21  2009.03


Research Projects 【 display / non-display

  • From corpus to target data as steps for automatic assessment of L2 speech: L2 French phonological lexicon of Japanese learners

    Project Year :


  • ポップアウト・ボイスの生成・知覚基盤の解明に基づく高性能拡声音技術の開発

    Project Year :


     View Summary


  • 英語における日本語訛の強度と発話理解度の検証:母語の異なる英語ユーザーによる判定

    Project Year :


  • Developing L2 automatic pronunciation evaluation and pronunciation learning-support systems for effective speech communication

    Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research

    Project Year :


  • A corpus-based multi-level analysis of spoken French produced by pre-advanced Japanese learners of French

    Project Year :


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    The current project aimed at furthering our knowledge of Japanese-French interlanguage development by building a corpus of spoken French produced by pre-advanced Japanese learners of French and annotating the data at several levels of analysis. The underlying research objective was to provide a first overview of the divergences that remain in the spontaneous speech of pre-advanced Japanese learners using a basic annotation procedure.41 learners were recorded in four universities, out of which 17 were recorded a second time after one year for longitudinal purposes. A total of 25 hours and 30 minutes (214’278 words) of spontaneous speech were orthographically transcribed, aligned, and manually annotated with ad hoc conventions, resulting in 75’873 annotations. The data has been loaded to a dedicated server with an ad hoc data mining tool to search the corpus. Our annotated corpus will be useful to prioritize teaching topics to avoid lingering divergences at such level of learning

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Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Building an ASR-free automatic tool for measuring the Speech Fluency of Japanese Learners of English

    Lionel FONTAN, Maxime LECOZ, Mariko KONDO

    New Sounds 2019 - International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech  (Waseda University) 

    Presentation date: 2019.08

  • Do Japanese learners use sufficient acoustic cues to manifest acceptable English stress?

    Mariko KONDO, Lionel FONTAN, Maxime LE COZ, Sylvain DETEY, Takayuki KONISHI

    New Sounds 2019-International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech  (Waseda University) 

    Presentation date: 2019.08

  • How English speakers control Japanese prosody

    Mariko KONDO

    2019 Research Seminar of Institute of Language and Speech Science, Waseda University  (Waseda University)  Institute of Language and Speech Science, Waseda University

    Presentation date: 2019.05

  • Teaching English pronunciation: features of Japanese learners and corpus-based research

    Kondo, Mariko  [Invited]

    International Workshop on “Pronunciation teaching, corpora and automatic tools: English  (France)  Archean Labs & IRIT

    Presentation date: 2019.03

  • The perception of Mandarin lexical tones by non-native listeners from tonal language backgrounds

    TSUKADA Kimiko, KONDO Mariko

    The 19th Annual International Conference of Japanese Society for Language Sciences  (Kyoto)  Japanese Society for Language Sciences

    Presentation date: 2017.07

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Specific Research 【 display / non-display

  • 非母語話者間の効果的音声コミュニケーションのための英語音声自動評価システムの開発

    2019   DETEY Sylvain, 小西隆之, FONTAN Lionel, LE COZ Maxime

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  • 第二言語から第三言語への音声習得のメカニズムの研究

    2018   小西隆之, DETEY Sylvain

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    As a first step to investigating third language acquisition, I investigated acquisition of different accents of a second language (L2). I investigated whether subjects could acquire L2 phonemes in two different L2 accents, even though they had only been trained how to discriminate L2 phonemes in one of the L2 accents. Such tests help to understand if learners can extend their knowledge of L2 phonemes to third+ languages. The test focused on English liquid consonant acquisition by native Japanese speakers. Liquid consonants in English have different varieties depending on accent: varying from (post) alveolar approximant or retroflex (e.g. American English) ~ tap or flap (e.g. Scottish English). We first taught American English varieties of liquid consonants /l/ and /r/ to the native Japanese speakers, focusing on the articulation of /r/ which is an approximant produced with lip rounding. After five weeks training, they became able to discriminate American English /l/ and /r/. However, when we then tested their liquid discrimination ability of Scottish accent (Scottish tap is different from American English /r/), we found that their discrimination of Scottish English /l/ and /r/ was not very good. Therefore, training with American accent did not improve their discrimination ability of a different (Scottish tap) accent. 

  • 第二言語で習得された新しい範疇の音の第三言語音声習得における役割

    2017   小西隆之, 矢澤翔

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  • バイリンガル音声合成を用いた英語の日本語訛の強度と発話理解度の判定

    2016   小西隆行

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  • 文字表記の視覚効果と第二言語の音素認識の関係の検証と音声教育への応用

    2015   ドゥテ・シルヴァン, ショート・グレゴリー

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Overseas Activities 【 display / non-display

  • 韻律単位の認識と発話リズム制御との関係と、音声自動認識装置への応用


    オーストラリア   Macquarie Univ.


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Committee Memberships 【 display / non-display

  • 2019.04

    Phonetic Society of Japan  Board member

  • 2019.04

    日本音声学会  理事

  • 2019.04

    Phonetic Society of Japan, Editor-in-Chief  Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan

  • 2019.04

    日本音声学会 編集委員長  『音声研究』編集委員長

  • 2016.04

    The Phonetic Society of Japan  Journal editor

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