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  • Faculty of International Research and Education   Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

  • Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences   Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

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    University of Sussex Graduate School of Arts & Social Studies   English Literature   Modernism  


    University of Sussex Graduate School of Arts & Social Studies   English Literature   Modernism  


    University of Exeter   Faculty of Arts   School of English  

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  • University of Sussex, UK   D. Phil.(Doctor Philosophae)

  • サッセクス大学、英国   博士(文学)

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  • 2004

    Professor, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University

  • 1995

    Professor, School of Law, Waseda University

  • 1992

    Associate Professor, School of Law, Waseda University

  • 1988

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Keisen Women's College

  • 1985

    Foreign Lecturer, Faculty of General Education, Tokyo University

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    Society for the History of Authorship, Readership & Publishing




    British Association of Victorian Studies


    Wilkie Collins Society (Editor, Wilkie Collins Society Journal)


    Wilkie Collins Society

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  • English Language / English Literature

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  • Review of Troy J. Bassett, The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Three-Volume Novel

    Style   53 ( 4 )  2020.12  [Refereed]

  • Being Alone: Experiences of Isolation in the Imaginary Worlds of "His Dark Materials"

    Literary Geographies   6 ( 2 ) 1 - 6  2020.12  [Refereed]

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    Because of its apparently unlimited freedom both to play with material settings and to explore the human consequences, fantasy fiction seems an appropriate context in which to consider the relationship between being alone and feeling alone.In other words, to consider the extent to which isolation as a psychological experience is shaped by isolation in the physical sense.

  • Nineteenth-century Soaps: Towards a Comparative Account of the Popular Victorian Serial Tale

    Transcommunication   7 ( 2 ) 107 - 126  2020.10  [Refereed]

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    As the title suggests, the article focuses on the development during a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization of the various modes of cheap installment publication (in parts, in miscellanies, in newspapers, in paperback series) which in turn sought to address and indeed served to create a mass audience for narrative fiction. Among the popular genres emerging, the focus is particularly on varieties of domestic romance, which reached a broad family audience while disturbing traditional perceptions of class and gender roles. It endeavors to link together questions of generic form with those of publishing format, including price and distribution, periodicity and illustration. Making use of the concept of the “soap opera” as a device, the main thesis is that such developments in popular print culture in the nineteenth century should be recognized as precursors and facilitators of popular serial drama on film, radio and television, among other audio-visual media dominant in the twentieth century. It draws examples from a wide range of societies, with the three major case studies taken from England, France, and the United States, and briefer illustrations from East Asia, Latin America, and the British colonies.

  • The “realm of the dead” and Modern Media: The Strange Case of W.T. Stead

    Transcommunication   7 ( 1 ) 13 - 26  2020.06  [Refereed]  [Invited]

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    This articles centers on an account of the textual and publishing history of
    “Letters from Julia,” apparently received via automatic spirit writing by the British
    journalist W.T. Stead, which appeared in both magazine and book form during the
    1890s. The analysis underlines the damage done to Stead’s reputation as a modern
    journalist on account of his increasingly frequent recourse to metaphysics. At the
    same time it engages with Friedrich Kittler’s Gramophone, Film, Typewriter (1986), a
    post-humanist study of the three media inventions seen as defining modernity,
    which offers a general discussion of the relationship between this “realm of the
    dead” and modern communications. While Stead’s mystical view of the “realm of
    the dead” contrasts starkly with Kittler’s materialist conception, here it is argued
    that the German theorist’s own technological determinism cannot completely
    escape teleology. The creation of a significantly new media device does not
    automatically drive out the old, and the social and psychological consequences tend
    to be less than immediate. Clearly factors other than technological ones are
    involved. If the “Letters from Julia” provide less than convincing evidence of their
    origin in the world of spirits, they also suggest that the aura of manuscript was not
    lost quite so precipitately on the invention of the writing machine. In fact, the
    Remington typewriter remained for many decades predominantly a device for
    commercial rather than personal use. Indeed, many households did not own a
    device with a QWERTY keyboard before the personal computer boom of the 1980s,
    and until that period at least the hand-writing of personal documents such as letters
    and diaries remained the norm. The strange case of W.T. Stead thus suggests that
    cultural continuity can exist side by side with technological cleavage.

  • Serializing Fiction in the Australasian Press

    Graham Law

    Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature    2017.10  [Refereed]  [Invited]


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Books and Other Publications 【 display / non-display

  • The Collected Letters of Wilkie Collins: Addenda and Corrigenda (12)

    William Baker, Andrew Gasson, Graham Law, Paul Lewis

    Wilkie Collins Society (London)  2018.12

  • Companion to Victorian Popular Fiction(共著). Graham Law: 'Cricket' (1000 words), 'Tillotson's Fiction Bureau' (700 words), 'Dora Thorne', and 'Lucy, the Factory Girl' (both 100 words).

    Kevin Morrison, ed

    McFarland  2018.06

  • The Collected Letters of Wilkie Collins: Addenda and Corrigenda (11)

    William Baker, Andrew Gasson, Graham Law, Paul Lewis

    Wilkie Collins Society (London)  2017.12

  • Journalism and the Periodical Press in Nineteenth-Century Britain(共著). Graham Law. 'Wilkie Collins and "the discovery of an Unknown Public".' (6000 words)

    Joanne Shattock, ed

    Cambridge University Press  2017.03

  • Thomas Hardy's Short Stories: New Perspectives (共著). Graham Law: "Neither Tales nor Short Stories? Issues of Authorship, Readership and Publishing in A Group of Noble Dames" (8000 words)

    Juliette Berning Schaefer, Siobhan Craft, Brownson, eds

    Routledge  2017.01 ISBN: 9781472480033

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  • The Novels of Wilkie Collins and the Victorian Publishing Industry

    Project Year :



    Project Year :


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    The systematic practice of serializing new fiction, not in independent installments or in literary magazines but in the columns of newspapers, began in Paris during the first half of the nineteenth century. As Lise Queffelec has argued, the French roman-feuilleton represents the first use of a fully capitalist mode of production in the European fiction industry, and should thus indeed be seen as the forerunner of the modern mass narrative media. The aim of this project is to demonstrate that this is true of many other modernizing societies in the nineteenth century, by no means limited to Western Europe. Thus we have embarked on a detailed international study of the socio-cultural implications of this growth in the serialization of fiction in newspapers during the period from the accession of Queen Victoria to the outbreak of the First World War. The phenomenon is seen in the context of the massive changes in patterns of publication, authorship, and readership taking place during the nineteenth century, including the commodification of fiction through the emergence of popular narrative genres, the professionalization of the role of the writer, and the widening gulf between elite and mass reading publics. The framework of ideas underlying this project derives a good deal from an engagement with the work of Edward Said, Benedict Anderson and Franco Moretti concerning the impact of publishing history on cultural identity.
    To further our purposes, we have carried out research in libraries and archives on four continents. At the same time, we have consulted regularly with a number of distinguished scholars in the field. We have already reported piecemeal many of the conclusions of our research in presentations at international conferences and in learned journals, etc. however, the fullest report of the results of the project will appear in a full-length monograph to be published by the University of Toronto Press, with whom a contract has already been negotiated.

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • "Why Bother": Doing Japanese Studies in Japan through the Medium of English

    GSICCS First Anniversary Symposium, Waseda University, Tokyo 

    Presentation date: 2014.01

  • Old vs. New Journalism and the Public Sphere; or, Habermas Encounters Dallas and Stead

    W.T. Stead: Centenary Conference for a Newspaper Revolutions (British Library) 

    Presentation date: 2012.04

  • By the author of “Dora Thorne”?: A Case of Identity in the Fiction Factory

    SILS Faculty Seminar (Waseda University) 

    Presentation date: 2011.10

  • Serial Issues in a Digital World

    International Symposium: 'New Directions in Textual Scholarship', Saitama Univ. 

    Presentation date: 2010.03

  • Nineteenth-Century Soaps: Towards a Comparative Account of the Popular Victorian Serial.

    SHARP Regional Conference VI, Copenhagen, Denmark 

    Presentation date: 2008.09

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  • ビクトリア朝の週刊新聞に連載された小説の目録作成


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     特定課題研究助成費の助けにより、ビクトリア朝期にロンドンで出版された、絵入り週刊新聞The GraphicとThe Illustrated London Newsに連載された小説の目録作成を終えることができた。完成したその目録の原稿(前書きと挿し絵を含む)は、クイーンズランド大学(University of Queensland)に送り、同大学のBarbara Garlick教授とPeter Edwards教授(共に、シリーズの監修者)に受け入れられた。Victorian Fiction Research Guideシリーズ中の第29巻として今秋出版予定である。 もう一方、地方週刊新聞に発表された連続物についての研究は現在も継続中である。調査は、自身で、あるいは現地の研究協力者を使って、次の3か所で行っている。British Library Newspaper Library, LondonThe Library, Pembroke College, University of CambridgeBolton Evening News Archive, Bolton Central Library, Greater Manchester 2000年夏には、英国で開かれた国際学界で、このテーマに関する論文をいくつか発表した(そのうちの2つについては別表参照)。さらに、同テーマに関連する4つの論文を学術雑誌等に投稿し、そのうちの1つはすでに出版され、別の1つは出版予定となっている。

  • メアリー・エリザベス・ブラドン(M. E. Braddon)による小説の連載について


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     ビクトリア朝期の新聞紙上における小説の連載及びシンジケート化についての研究の過程(主に、1997年4月から1年間の在外研究期間)では、多くの19世紀大衆小説作家達による作品の連載発表(初版)に関する、かなりの量の新しい情報を集めることができた。今回の研究対象のブラドンは、そういった作家達のひとりである。そして、このプロジェクトの目的は、さらに欠けている事実・情報を掘りおこし、ブラドン小説の連載出版に関する総合文献目録を作成することであった。 文書の調査は次の図書館で、主に該当分野に詳しい、現地の大学院研究者の協力を得て行われた。●Wolff Collection, The Harry Ransom Research Center, University of Texas●Royal Literary Fund Archives, The British Library Manuscripts Room, London●A. P. Watt Records, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill●A. P. Watt Archive, Berg Collection, New York Public Libraryまた、ビクトリア朝期の新聞(原版及びマイクロフィルム化されたもの)の調査は、ロンドンの大英図書館新聞図書館でも行われた。その調査のかなりの部分は、Dr. J. Carnell(University of London, Birkbeck College)――ブラドンの新しい伝記The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon(Hastings: Sensation Press, 2000)の著者――の協力によっている。 今回の研究を通して新しく得た、文献学的情報の多くは、別表にある2冊の著書に年表の形で発表されている。この情報の文学史・出版史的意義は、この2冊の著書、及び同じく別表の3つの学術論文において論じられている。ブラドンの後期のいくつかの小説では、連載出版の完全な詳細はまだ解明されていないが、これに対する研究は現在も続行中であり、それが明らかになった時点で、ブラドン作品連載出版に関する総合文献目録が、Victorian Fiction Research Guide series(Department of English, University of Queensland, Australia)の中の1冊として、Barbara Garlick教授監修の下で出版される予定である。

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  • Rresearch on the English of authorship and publishing in the Victorian period.


    イギリス   British Library

  • 19世紀のイギリス小説と出版産業


    イギリス   ロンドン大学


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