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Faculty of Sport Sciences, School of Sport and Sciences
Job title
Master Degree (Education) ( University of Tsukuba )

Research Experience

  • 2005.08

    Ohio University   客員研究員

  • 2003.04

    Waseda University   Fuculty of Sport Sciences   Proffesor

  • 2001.04

    Waseda University   Faculty of Human Sciences   Professor

  • 1999.04

    Waseda University   Faculty of Human Sciences   Assistant Proffesor

  • 1988.04

    University of Electro-Communications   Assistant Professor

Education Background


    University of Tsukuba   Graduate School, Division of Physical Fitness and Science   Sport Sciences  


    University of Tsukuba   School of Health and Physical Education  

Committee Memberships

  • 2008.04

    文部科学省中央教育審議会スポーツ青少年分科会  文部科学省中央教育審議会スポーツ青少年分科会委員

Professional Memberships






    Japanese Sosiety of Management for Physical Education and Sports


    Japanese Sosiety of Pysical Education,Health and Sport Sciences

Research Areas

  • Sports sciences

Research Interests

  • Sport Management


  • 秩父宮記念スポーツ医・科学賞奨励賞

    2016.03   公益財団法人日本体育協会  

  • 秩父宮記念スポーツ医・科学賞奨励賞

    2004.03   公益財団法人日本体育協会  



  • 新たなスポーツ価値意識の多面的な評価指標の開発第3報

    木村和彦, 他

    平成28年度日本体育協会スポーツ医・科学研究報告Ⅰ    2017.03

  • 新たなスポーツ価値意識の多面的な評価指標の開発第2報

    木村和彦, 他

    平成27年度日本体育協会スポーツ医・科学研究報告Ⅲ    2016.03

  • 新たなスポーツ価値意識の多面的な評価指標の開発第1報

    木村和彦, 他

    平成26年度日本体育協会スポーツ医・科学研究報告Ⅲ    2015.03

  • 1999年度日独スポーツ少年団指導者交流報告書

    (財)日本体育協会    2000.03

  • 平成11年度日本体育協会スポーツ医・科学研究報告 No.Ⅵ生涯スポーツの振興

    (財)日本体育協会    2000.03

  • フィットネスクラブにおける中高年ユーザーニーズに関する調査研究

    (社)日本フィットネス産業協会    2000.02

  • スポーツ少年団育成母集団実態調査報告書

    (財)日本体育協会    1999.06

  • フィットネスクラブ会員の退会メカニズムに関する調査研究

    日本フィットネス産業協会    1999.03

  • 商業スポーツ施設における指導者に関する調査

    日本体育協会    1999.03

  • 生涯スポーツ促進のためのスポーツ施設、学校体育施設の高機能化に関する研究開発

    (財)日本レクリエーション協会    1999.03

  • 原田宗彦編著 レジャー・スポーツサービス論

    体育の科学/杏林書院   48;7  1998.07

  • 地域におけるマルチスポーツクラブの研究

    日本スポーツ産業学会プロジェクト研究報告書    1998.07

  • 市民活動促進法案とスポーツ・文化振興

    日本スポーツ産業学会スポーツマネジメント分科会会報   6  1998.04

  • Jリーグがホームタウンに与えた影響に関する研究

    平成8・9年度文部省科学研究費補助金研究成果報告書    1998.03

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Books and Other Publications

  • Management for Physical Education and Sport

    Kazuo Yanagisawa, Kazuhiko Kimura, Norihiro Shimizu( Part: Joint editor)

    2017.11 ISBN: 9784469268317

  • よくわかるスポーツマネジメント

    柳沢和雄, 清水紀宏, 中西純司( Part: Contributor)

    ミネルヴァ書房  2017.03 ISBN: 9784623080144

  • Well-understanding Sport Management

    ( Part: Contributor)


  • スポーツ・ヘルスツーリズム

    原田宗彦, 木村和彦編著

    大修館書店  2009.12 ISBN: 9784469266931

  • 現代スポーツ経営論第2版

    アイオーエム  2002.04

  • 体育・スポーツ経営学講義

    大修館書店  2002.04

  • テキスト総合型地域スポーツクラブ

    大修館書店  2000.04

  • プロスポーツ球団のマネジメント

    日本スポーツ産業学会スポーツマネジメント分科会  2000.03

  • スポーツ指導の基礎

    北樹出版  2000.03

  • レクリエーション・コーディネーター・野外活動指導者共通科目テキスト

    日本レクリエーション協会  1998.08

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Research Projects

  • Regional Revitalization by the Connection between Community Sport Club and Tourism

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    KIMURA Kazuhiko, MIYAUCHI Takanori, MANO Yoshiyuki, SAKUNO Seiichi, YOKOTA Masatoshi

     View Summary

    Two researches were conducted on the review of precedent studies and questionnaires in 2005. The purpose of these studies was to examine the possibility of Karuizawa Community Sport Club that was established in 2004 as sport tourism (Survey 1 and Survey 2). The summaries of main findings in 2005 are:1. More than 50% Tourists have a participation intention to the club without of the tourists and sport tourists.2. With the villa visitor, it became clear with sports enforcer that participation intention to the Karuizawa community sport club was high in a low person of the satisfaction for sports.On the basis of Karuizawa-cho investigation, it was expected not only the sports club but also a sporting event became an important factor for regional revitalization from as a viewpoint of the sports tourism. Therefore, for the citizens' marathon meet that many tourists called Ishigaki-jima Island and Kawaguchiko participated in, it was clarified that the characteristic of the participant and inspected it about contribution possibility to the regional revitalization (Survey 3 and Survey 4). The summaries of main findings in 2006 are:3. As a result, the tourist of the citizens' marathon conventionalist understood that there were core sport tourists aimed for only marathon participation and extended sport tourists aimed for marathon participation and sightseeing.4. We understood that the extended sport tourists were important for increasing a repeater and the participation of the woman, a point of the economic effect. Therefore it was suggested that it was important that the destination did promotion of charm (a pull factor) as the sightseeing spot effectively

  • Effect of job creation according to privatization of public sport facilities

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    MANO Yoshiyuki, YOKOTA Masatoshi, NAKAMURA Yoshio, KIMURA Kazuhiko, SAKUNO Seiichi, MIYAUCHI Takanori

     View Summary

    The purpose of this research was to have clarified the employment created by privatizing public sports facilities. It was assumed that this research was ended based on the finding obtained by this, some new subjects are added, and it succeeded to project number 18000213. Therefore, this report is a process of our research.
    1. Results on Questionnaire survey execution and making of database
    We conducted questionnaire survey for 15,068 facilities which joined Japan Sports Facilities Association (JSFA) in cooperation with JSFA in 2005.
    #1 Question items ;
    a) Characteristics : facility type, scale, year of construction, Establisher etc.
    b) Employment : number of staff, personnel expenses etc.
    c) Expenses for consignment contracts
    d) Income and expenditure
    #2 Results.
    i) 2,974 useful questionnaires were returned (return rate is 19.7%)
    ii) We are never satisfied with this rate, but it is the first time that such a research was performed and as a result of having been provided this time, it is valuable and we are convinced that it help a future study very much.
    iii) And we used Geographic Information System (GIS) Data (2000 Census of Japan),
    analyzed geographical convenience environment, peripheral people, a family income, competing facilities and traffic convenience into every facility where there was an answer.
    #3 Our Database
    Therefore, the database which we made combined an answer of a questionnaire with analysis of GIS. This will help a certain facility when it examines privatization.
    2. Results on Interview Research in England
    #1 Purpose
    Research on privatization case with public sports facilities in London ; we interviewed some managers of facilities, municipal government and researchers on privatization of public sports facilities.
    #2 Findings
    a) PFI of public sports facilities in England is not advanced too much compared with Japan. The reason is that England facilities are supported by Lottery funding.
    b) It was clarified to privatization in England that there was able to be not only private enterprises but also consignment to the non-profit organizations.

  • Study of the Influences of J-League on the Home Town

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    KIMURA Kazuhiko, OGA Jun

     View Summary

    J-League (Japan Professional Soccer League) is a big and a challenging project that has never been in Japan, and has relevance to revitalization of Japanese community in future. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influences of J-League on the team's home town and partly compare present results with the research in 1994. The present study brought focus especially into the influences on sport life and community of the team's home town. The data were obtained through questionnaires distributed to their inhabitants, 507 samples in 1997 from one town (Kashima) and 616 samples in 1998 from 4 towns (Ichihara, Kashiwa, Urawa, Shimizu) were collected.The main findings were as follows :1. As a result of comparison 1997 with 1994 in Kshima city, young people showed a decrease of the participating rate and the spectating need in soccer. There were more positive answers of "increase in warm feeling for their town ", "increase in common topics of their family", "increase in pleasure of life "in the influence on individual life. There were more positive answers of "our town has been more famous than before", "increase in common topics among inhabitants", "changing our town image better", "increase a sense of solidarity in our community" in the influence on community.2. As a result of comparison among 5 cities (Kashima in 1997 and 4 cities in 1998), Kashima was greatest influenced by J-League among 5 cities in the most items of influence questionnaires



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