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YOSHINO, Takashi
Faculty of Political Science and Economics, School of Political Science and Economics
Job title
政治学修士 ( 早稲田大学 )
M. A. (Political Science)

Research Experience

  • 1995.04

    Waseda University   School of Political Science and Economics

  • 1990.04

    Waseda University   School of Political Science and Economics

  • 1991

    Visiting Scholar, SAIS, the Johns Hopkins University

  • 1988.04

    Waseda University   School of Political Science and Economics

Education Background


    Waseda University   Graduate School of Political Science  

  • 1984.09

    Wisconsin University - Madison  


    Waseda University   School of Political Science and Economic  

Professional Memberships


    アメリカ政治学会(American Political Science Association)





Research Areas

  • Politics

Research Interests

  • Political Science



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Books and Other Publications

  • 地域間共生と技術:技術は対立を緩和するか

    ( Part: Edit)

    早稲田大学出版部  2023.10 ISBN: 9784657230096

  • 北米移民メキシコ人のコミュニティ形成

    吉野孝, 山﨑眞次( Part: Joint editor)

    東信堂  2022.09

  • 危機のアメリカ「選挙デモクラシー」 : 社会経済変化からトランプ現象へ

    吉野, 孝, 前嶋, 和弘( Part: Joint editor)

    東信堂  2020.04 ISBN: 9784798916347

  • よくわかる政治過程論

    松田, 憲忠, 岡田, 浩(「政党の機能」など8項目)

    ミネルヴァ書房  2018.12 ISBN: 9784623084111

  • 論点日本の政治 : 政治を学ぶための基礎知識

    吉野, 孝, 谷藤, 悦史, 今村, 浩( Part: Joint editor)

    東京法令出版  2015.09 ISBN: 9784809063091

  • オバマ後のアメリカ政治 : 2012年大統領選挙と分断された政治の行方

    吉野, 孝, 前嶋, 和弘( Part: Joint editor)

    東信堂  2014.03 ISBN: 9784798912028

  • オバマ政権と過渡期のアメリカ社会 : 選挙、政党、制度、メディア、対外援助

    吉野, 孝, 前嶋, 和弘( Part: Joint editor)

    東信堂  2012.03 ISBN: 9784798900957

  • 変容するアジアと日米関係

    蟻川, 靖浩, 浦田, 秀次郎, 谷内, 正太郎, 柳井, 俊二, 吉野, 孝

    東洋経済新報社  2012.03 ISBN: 9784492211977

  • 現代の政党と選挙[新版]

    川人, 貞史, 吉野, 孝, 平野, 浩, 加藤, 淳子( Part: Joint author)

    有斐閣  2011.03 ISBN: 9784641124240

  • 東アジア統合の政治経済・環境協力

    吉野, 孝, 弦間, 正彦, 薮下, 史郎

    東洋経済新報社  2011.03 ISBN: 9784492443774

  • オバマ政権はアメリカをどのように変えたのか : 支持連合・政策成果・中間選挙

    吉野, 孝, 前嶋, 和弘

    東信堂  2010.07 ISBN: 9784887139930

  • 世界政治経済と日本・米国・中国 : グローバル危機と国際協調

    秋葉, 弘哉, 弦間, 正彦, 吉野, 孝, 薮下, 史郎

    東洋経済新報社  2010.03 ISBN: 9784492443651

  • 2008年アメリカ大統領選挙 : オバマの当選は何を意味するのか

    吉野, 孝, 前嶋, 和弘( Part: Joint editor)

    東信堂  2009.08 ISBN: 9784887139251

  • 2005年度版 現代日本政治小辞典

    内田, 満,今村,浩,田中,愛治,谷藤,悦史,吉野,孝

    ブレーン出版  2005.03 ISBN: 4892427888

  • 最新版 現代日本政治小事典

    内田, 満,今村,浩,田中,愛治,谷藤,悦史,吉野,孝

    ブレーン出版  2001.06 ISBN: 4892428450

  • 誰が政治家になるのか : 候補者選びの国際比較

    吉野, 孝, 今村, 浩, 谷藤, 悦史( Part: Joint author)

    早稲田大学出版部  2001.05 ISBN: 4657015141

  • 現代の政党と選挙

    川人, 貞史, 吉野, 孝, 平野, 浩, 加藤, 淳子( Part: Joint author)

    有斐閣  2001.02 ISBN: 4641121249

  • 猪口・大澤・岡沢・山本・リード編『政治学事典』

    弘文堂  2000.11

  • 「二党競争の全国化とその合意」久保文明・草野厚・大沢秀介編『現代アメリカ政治の変容』

    勁草書房  1999.12

  • 2003年度版 現代日本政治小事典

    内田, 満, 今村,浩, 田中, 愛治, 谷藤,悦史, 吉野,孝

    ブレーン出版  1999.06 ISBN: 4892428426

  • 「候補者中心の選挙過程と政党の役割」五十嵐武士・古矢旬・松本礼二編『アメリカの社会と政治』

    有斐閣  1995.12

  • 「民主党と共和党の対日政策」『ジャパンプロブレム in USA』

    藤本, 一美(62-90)

    三省堂  1992.10 ISBN: 4385313369

  • 「選挙制度と有権者」「政党および政党制」阿部齊編『アメリカの政治:内政のしくみと外交関係』

    弘文堂  1992.03

  • 「政党改革と政治資金改革」藤本一美編『アメリカ政治30年の検証』

    行研  1990.11

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  • Research on 1992 Federal Election Campaigns in Maryland, including interview with/mail survey to Federal Candidates'Campaign Managers and State/County Party Officials



  • トランプ政権の新移民政策とその効果


    Presentation date: 2017.09

  • 政党の側からみた選挙:選挙運動ネットワークのコーディネーターとしての全国政党機関


    Presentation date: 2003.05

  • 米国大統領選挙における新しい選挙連合の形成


    Presentation date: 2002.10

  • 候補者補充:アメリカ連邦議会議員の場合

    日本選挙学会・1999年度研究会・分科会D 比較部会「候補者補充の比較研究」・秋田経済法科大学 

    Presentation date: 1999.05

  • 「アメリカ政党研究の新動向:統合的な分析・理論枠組みの模索の試みとしてのジョン・H・オールドリッチの新制度論アプローチ」

    日本選挙学会・1996年度研究会・分科会I 理論部会「政党選挙研究の新動向」・明治学院大学 

    Presentation date: 1996.05

Research Projects

  • Conflict between Unitede States and Mexico about the construction of Imagined communities MexAmerica

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


  • American "Electoral Democracy" in Crisis: Social-Economic Changes and Political Respnoses

    Project Year :


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    The deadlock of politics and resulting confusions in the recent America have been caused by the fact that the institutions and practices of American “electoral democracy” have not worked well--institutions include the division of power, federalism, two-party system and the party presidential nomination by primary elections, and practices mean the weak party discipline in Congress and policy making by compromise.In the social and economic changes since the 1960s, women and minorities won big voices, and the Federal Supreme Court rulings gave them the legal foundation for demanding the federal government to correct discriminations. In response to these changes, political parties democratized their presidential candidate nomination procedures. Mass media polarized public opinion, and the SNS deepened political polarization. Reducing differences in value among generations over time, and a realignment of political parties may alleviate these polarization situations

  • Tocqueville and the Political Theory of the 20th Century-An Intellectual History on the Formation of Liberal Democracy

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    MATSUMOTO Reiji, YOSHINO Takashi, KAWAGISHI Norikazu, YAZAWA Masashi, FURUYA Jun, MIURA Nobutaka

     View Summary

    The aim of this research is to reconsider in the historical context of the globalization of new capitalism Tocqueville's contribution and relevance to the political theory of the 20th century, in particular that of liberal democracy. The globalization of the economy has brought about new kind of poverty and disparity all over the world and the hegemony of the American empire has raised skepticism about American democracy. On the other hand, political democratization is inevitably going on in many non-Western countries. Against this changing background of the contemporary world, Tocqueville's theory of democracy requires new reading and has in fact been reinterpreted in various ways. In the process of this two year research, the following three points have been identified as remarkable in this new approach to Tocqueville's political theory.(1) The end of the Cold War and the collapse of Soviet regime did make clear the victory of liberal democracy over socialism but the subsequent globalization of the economy under the hegemony of the United States has not prevailed the American model of democracy in the world, rather provoking resistance to it everywhere. Recent noteworthy phenomena in America, the growing political influence of religious fundamentalism, the increase of economic inequality and disparity, the poverty of social capital, and the decline of public spirit require the reconsideration of Tocqueville's view of America.(2) Tocqueville's warning against the danger of military-bureaucratic despotism in post-Napoleonic France, which he declares has nothing to do with America at his time, is highly suggestive for thinking about the military-industrial complex of the United States today.(3) The Tocquevillian analysis of the historical process of the modernization and democratization of Japan would be useful for considering the task of democratization in non-Western countries in the contemporary worl

  • Tocpueville and Two Models of Democracy : A Comparative Historical Study of American and French political Cultures

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    MATSUMOTO Reiji, YOSHINO Takashi, KAWAGISHI Norikazu, YAZAWA Masashi, FURUYA Jun, NAKANO Katsuro

     View Summary

    The aim of this research is to Compare in the light of Tocqueville's political theory two types of modern democracy, the French and the American, and to examine m the historical development of the two Countries the various aspects of the opposition and interaction of the two models. The following issues are particularly addressed : the French view of America since Tocqueville and the rise of anti-Americanism in the 20^<th> Century, the French reaction to American liberalism, the historical transformation of the United States in the 20^<th> Century as a result of its becoming a global power, and Tocqueville moments in contemporary political discourses in both countries.Principal discoveries and findings acquired through the two years research are :(1)In spite of the long history of Franco-American friendship since the tame of the American Revolution, the American commitment to Europe and the rise of the United States as a global power caused in the 20^<th> century a negative reaction of the French people and the Cold War in particular nurtured the anti-Americanism of intellectuals.(2)Tocqueville's theory of democracy invites various new readings in terms of this great transformation of the world. In the United States, the increasing political influence of religious groups, growing economic inequality, the decrease of "social capital", the decline of public sphere, and other recent tendencies of American society forced public philosophers and social scientists to reconsider Tocqueville's description of America and his theory of democracy.(3)In France, Tocqueville's severe critique of French political culture has, for the first time since his death, been taken seriously and attracted a big audience. It is an aspect of French reception of Anglo-Saxon liberalism. However, Tocqueville is also used by many people as a reference for criticizing America.(4)In contemporary political philosophy, there is a difference between the American use of Tocqueville and the French reading of his text In the United States, Tocqueville is mainly referred to in the republican or the oommunitarian context, while, in France, he is allotted an important role in the liberal revision of French republicanism.(5)Some of Tocqueville's warnings about the dangerous tendencies of 19^<th> century French democracy seem to be more relevant in the present world to the United States than to France



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  • Faculty of Political Science and Economics   Graduate School of Political Science

  • Faculty of Political Science and Economics   Graduate School of Public Management

  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

Internal Special Research Projects

  • アメリカの政策形成の変化:鉄の三角形、争点ネットワークから「政策キャンペーン」へ


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  • アメリカの外交政策形成とシンクタンク:仲介コミュニティ、デモクラシー、日米関係


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  • アメリカの外交政策形成とシンクタンク:仲介コミュニティ,デモクラシー,日米関係

    2015   今村浩 , 奥迫元, 浅古泰史, 安井清峰

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