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  • 人間工学・感性工学



  • 女性の体型と姿勢の関係が美的印象に及ぼす影響

    菅原徹, 山口遊子, 宮崎正己, 岸本泰蔵, 上家倫子, 黒野寛馬

    日本感性工学会論文誌   17 ( 4 ) 499 - 505  2018.06  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • Effects of Distance between Eyes and Eyebrows on the Facial Impression

    KATO Tetsuya, AOKI Koichiro, SUGAHARA Toru, MURAKAMI Chika, MIYAZAKI Masami

    Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering   14 ( 3 ) 419 - 424  2015.05  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Last author

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    We produced the average face by combining forty-one facial images of female college students in order to investigate how the facial impression changes depending on distance between eyes and eyebrows. Furthermore, we produced ten experiment samples by shortening or widening distance between them of the average face in five steps respectively. These images were presented individually to ninety college students, and they were asked to evaluate them using twenty adjective pairs. Consequently, the average face received high evaluations about likability-related impressions, while the faces with shorter distance between eyes and eyebrow got high evaluations about activity-related impressions. Moreover, two principal component (“degree of refinement” and “femininity”) were extracted as a result of principal component analysis to evaluation scores. It was found that degree of refinement was likely to be affected by the perceived size of the eyes, and femininity was defined by distance between eyes and eyebrow.

    DOI CiNii

  • Physiological Responses to Nordic Pole Walking on Treadmill

    Takayuki Watanabe, Takeshi Sato, Masami Miyazaki, Kazuyoshi Seki, Shoji Igawa

    International Conference on Human-Environment System   4   565 - 569  2011.12

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • 0.28MPa酸素暴露により生じた亜鉛欠乏ラットの肺組織障害

    永木 由佳, 野寺誠, 宮崎 正巳

    微量栄養素研究   26   79 - 83  2009.12


  • 日本人小児4-6歳の水分代謝回転に及ぼす温熱環境の影響

    堀内 聡, 宮崎 正己

    人間と生活環境   16 ( 1 ) 37 - 42  2009.01

  • 日本人小児における体水分の代謝回転と齢の関連(2〜7)

    堀内 聡, 宮崎 正己

    健康支援   10 ( 2 ) 47 - 55  2008.05

  • Comparison of water turnover rates between collegiate soft tennis players and age-matched sedentary undergraduates

    M.Miyazaki e

    congress proceedings     43 - 44  2006.09

  • DLW in Soft Tennis

    Masami Miyazaki

    Universiade 2005 Izmir FISU conference    2005.08

  • Body size and somatotype characteristics of male golfers in Japan

    K Kawashima, K Kato, M Miyazaki

    JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS   43 ( 3 ) 334 - 341  2003.09  [Refereed]

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    Aim. The aim of this investigation was to compare the physical characteristics and somatotypes of 4 Japanese male golfer groups with 2 non-golfer control groups.
    Methods. Sixty-three male golfers, professional golfers (PR, n=11), collegiate golfers (CO, n=24), general amateur golfers (AM, n=13), collegiate recreational golfers (RE, n=15), non-golfing college student (CG, n=45) and a senior population of non-golfers as a control group (SC, n=20), for a total n=128. They were somatotyped, according to the Heath-Carter anthropometric method.
    Results. The results show that the categories of the mean somatotypes of PR (3.8-5.8-1.6), CO (4.7-5.6-2.2), AM (3.3-4.4-2.6) and RE (3.7-4.8-2.7) were endomorphic mesomorph, SC (4.7-3.9-2.1) was mesomorphic endomorph, and CG (3.8-4.3-3.3) was central, respectively. The anthropometric variables that best discriminated between skilled and unskilled golfers were body weight, calf skinfold, calf girth, and femur width, with 82% correctly classified PR and 83% correctly classified for CO. Secondly, combination of sum of 4 skinfolds, biceps girth and humerus width, with 72% correctly classified PR and 75% correctly classified for CO.
    Conclusion. Within the Japanese golfer groups, there are differences between golfers and non-golfers with respect to somatotype, body size and composition. Results suggested that PR showed significantly larger limb girth than other groups. Somatotypes in male golfers tend to increased mesomorphy, related to skill level.

  • Effect of function stimulation system for the motor disabled

    T.Sato, M.Miyazaki e

    XVth Triennial congress of the international ergonomics association    2003.08

  • 遠赤外線効果に関するサーモグラフィカル的研究

    宮崎 正己, 佐藤 健, 木場本 弘治, 浜田 元輔, 井川 正治

    Biomedical Thermology   22 ( 1 ) 15  2002.06

  • 消費エネルギーの新測定法-DLW法

    臨床栄養   100 ( 6 ) 726 - 730  2002.05


  • Effect of the moderate exercise on performance in upper/lower limb during long term bed rest


    J of gravitaitonal physiology   9 ( 1 ) 147 - 148  2002

  • Examination of the reliability of the portable calorimeter

    Shoji Igawa, Mikako Sakamaki, Masami Miyazaki

    Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology   29 ( 4 ) S13 - S15  2002

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    1. The present study was performed in order to determine the reliablility of the portable calorimeter. 2. Resting energy expenditure (REE) was measured by two different apparatuses: one was the typical gas analyser, the other was the portable calorimeter. 3. Although there are differences among individuals, unless the subject has been exposed to severe physical activity prior to the measurement, a suitable resting time prior to the measurement of resting metabolic rate is 10 min. 4. For the measurement of resting metabolic rate, fluctuations in respiratory quotient (RQ) are extremely small
    there is greater fluctuation due to variations in respiration. Therefore, for the screening of energy consumption, the use of a fixed value for RQ is sufficient when measuring only oxygen uptake. 5. Respiratory fluctuations vary from person to person and it is not possible to make stable measurements in 1 or 2 min. Therefore, a suitable measurement time for resting metabolic rate is from 3 to approximately 6 min. 6. The results indicate that this portable calorimeter is a useful apparatus for measuring REE in the field.

    DOI PubMed

  • GPSを用いた行動距離の測定

    関一誠, 宮崎正己, 佐藤健

    体育の科学,   51 ( 8 ) 589 - 592  2001.04

  • An evaluetion of ergonomic effects during repetitive farm working in vineyards

    T.Sato, T.Kinoshita, M.Miyazaki, K.Seki, S.Igawa

    Taylor & Francis     541 - 545  2001.04

  • Assessment of lower-back muscle fatigue using electromyography, mechanomyography, and near-infrared spectroscopy

    Y Yoshitake, H Ue, M Miyazaki, T Moritani

    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY   84 ( 3 ) 174 - 179  2001.03  [Refereed]

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    We have investigated the etiology of lower-back muscle fatigue using simultaneous recordings of electromyography (EMG), mechanomyography (MMG), and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in an attempt to shed some light on the electrophysiological, mechanical, and metabolic characteristics, respectively. Eight male subjects performed isometric back extensions at an angle of 15 degrees with reference to the horizontal plane for a period of 60 s. Surface EMG, MMG and NIRS signals were recorded simultaneously from the center of the erector spinae at the level of L3. NIRS was measured to determine the level of muscle blood volume (V) and oxygenation (Oxy-Hb). The root mean square amplitude value (RMS) of the EMG signal was significantly increased at the initial phase of contraction and then fell significantly, while mean power frequency (MPF) of the EMG signal decreased significantly and progressively as a. function of time. There were also significant initial increases in RMS-MMG that were followed by progressive decreases at the end of fatiguing contractions. MPF-MMG remained unchanged. Muscle BV and Oxy-Hb decreased dramatically at the onset of the contraction and then remained almost constant throughout the rest of the contraction. These results, obtained by simultaneous recordings of EMG, MMG, and NIRS, demonstrate that the restriction of blood flow due to high intramuscular mechanical pressure is one of the most important factors in muscle fatigue in the lower-back muscles. In addition, the simultaneous recording system described here can be used to obtain more reliable information regarding the mechanism(s) of lower-back muscle fatigue.

  • Effect of long-term bedrest on lower leg muscle activationpatterns during quiet standing

    T.Miyoshi, T.sato, H.Sekiguchi, K.Yamanaka, M.Miyazaki, S.Igawa, T.Komeda, K.Nakazawa, H.Yano

    J of Gravitational Pyhsiology   8 ( 1 ) 85 - 86  2001

  • H-reflex and motor evoked potential changes during head down bed rest,

    T.Sato, T.Miyoshi, H.Sekiguchi, K.Yamanaka, M.Miazaki, S.Igawa, K.Nakazawa, H.Yano, H.Takeoka

    Journal of Gravitational Physiology   7 ( 1 ) 117 - 118  2000.04

    Authorship:Corresponding author

  • Prolonged swimming exercise training induce hypophosphatemic osteopenia in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP)

    Chang-Sun Kim, Daito Nakajima, Chu-Ya Yang, Tae-Woong Oh, Shoji Igawa, Masami Miyazaki, Hideoki Fukuoka, Fukio Ohta

    Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science   19 ( 6 ) 271 - 277  2000

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    Stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP) induce spontaneous osteoporosis. To elucidate the specific characteristics of bone metabolism, the SHRSP was compared with age matched Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats. We investigated the effects of prolonged swimming exercise training on bone mineral density (BMD) and metabolism in the SHRSP. Seven-week-old male SHRSP and WKY were divided into three groups
    the sedentary control WKY group (n=6, WKY), the sedentary control SHRSP group (n=6, SP) and the swimming exercise training SHRSP group (n=6, SWIM) (in pool with 60 min./day, 5 days/week for 12 weeks). The femoral BMD, bone mineral content (BMC), strength, Ca and P contents (%) of SHRSP were approximately 17, 27, 25, 20 and 9%, respectively, lower than that of WKY (p&lt
    0.001). Serum alkaline phosphatase (AlP) had not changed between both of SP and WKY, but tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TrAcP) of SP approximately 3-fold higher than that of WKY (p&lt
    0.05). Both serum calcium (Ca) and intact parathyroid hormone (i-PTH) were similar between SP and WKY. However, serum phosphate (P) of SP was approximately 18% lower than that of WKY (N.S.). These results suggested that SHRSP induces osteopenia by the bone turnover of the promoted osteoclast activity with disturbed phosphate homeostasis. On the other hand, the femoral BMD and strength were approximately 7% and 20%, respectively, decreased in the SWIM (p&lt
    0.001), and femoral bone Ca and P contents (%) were also approximately 11% and 14%, respectively, lower than that of SP (p&lt
    0.001). There were no significant difference between SWIM and SP on serum Ca, but serum P of SWIM was significantly lower than that of SP (p&lt
    0.05). These results suggested that the prolonged swimming exercise training in the SHRSP induces more cruelly hypophosphatemia, and leading to osteopenia eventually. We conclude that SHRSP induces osteopenia with disturbance of phosphate homeostasis, and the prolonged swimming exercise in the SHRSP might deteriorate hypophosphatemia and osteopenia.

    DOI PubMed


  • Thermal regulation in the heat during exercise after caffeine and ephedrine ingestion

    DG Bell, Jacobs, I, TM McLellan, M Miyazaki, CM Sabiston

    AVIATION SPACE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE   70 ( 6 ) 583 - 588  1999.06  [Refereed]

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    Background: Ingesting a combination of caffeine and ephedrine (C+E) has been shown to raise metabolic heat production and body temperature This side effect of C+E ingestion may be positive during;a cold stress scenario, however, during hear stress it could prove to be detrimental. Thus, the purpose or this study was to clarify the effect of C+E ingestion on body temperature regulation during moderate exercise in a hot dry environment. Methods: Ten, healthy, non heat acclimated, males exercised at 50% Vo(2) peak in a 40 degrees C and 30% RH environment until rectal temperature reached 39.3 degrees C; heart rate (HR) remained at 95% of peak value or greater for 3 min, dizziness or nausea precluded further exercise, or 3 h had elapsed. They did this four times at weekly intervals: familiarization (Fam), control (Cont), placebo, and C+E(5 mg kg(-1) caffeine + 1 mg kg(-1) ephedrine) trials. The Fam and Cent treatments were done first and sequentially while the placebo and C+E treatments were balanced and double-blind. Tolerance times, mean skin temperature (Tsk), rectal temperature (Tre), Vo(2),Vco(2),V-E sweat rate (SR), HR, and sensation of thermal comfort were measured. Results: Tolerance times (mean +/- SD in minutes) were similar for the placebo (120.0 +/- 28.4) and C+E (121.3 +/- 33.9) trials and both times were significantly longer than Cont(106.6 +/- 24.0) trial. C+E did not affect Tsk, initial Tre, Delta Tie, SR or the sensation of thermal comfort. Vo(2) and V-E were significantly increased by C+E. HR was elevated by C+E compared with the other trials, but only during the initial 20 min of exercise. Conclusion: Although the metabolic rate was slightly increased with C+E treatment, it was sufficiently offset by increased heat loss mechanisms so that internal body temperature was not increased during moderate exercise in a hot, dry environment.

  • Compulsive running exercise induces osteopenia in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

    C.S.Kim, H.Fukuoka, S.Igawa, M.Miyazaki, F.Ohta

    J of the Human-Environment System   2 ( 1 ) 47 - 56  1999

  • Application of portable positioning system receiver on monitaring for human movement

    T.Sato, H.Yoritaka, M.Miyazaki, k.Seki

    Contemporary ergonomics   50   431 - 435  1999

  • Posttetanic potentiation of reciprocal Ia inhibition in human limb

    T.Sato, T.Tuboi, M.Miyazaki, K.Sakamoto

    J.Electromyogrphy and Kineseiology   19 ( 9 ) 59 - 66  1998.04

  • 局所筋冷却域の違いによる皮膚温がH反射に及ぼす影響

    佐藤 健, 井川 正治, 宮崎 正己

    日本生理学人類雑誌   3 ( 1 ) 1 - 6  1998.02  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Last author

     View Summary

    The local exposure of cold has been used to decrease spasticity and facilitate neuromuscular function. This study analyzed the change in the excitation of the motor neuron pool, which was indicated by the amplitude of the H reflex measured in lower limb muscles when the skin temperature was lowered in different cooling area. The subjects were seven healthy males. A series of H and M wave were recorded via surface electromyogram electrodes before cooling and during cooling of the soleus muscle. The skin temperature was lowered in average from 33.1℃ to 22℃ subsequently. In all cases, the amplitude of the H wave increased in response to cooling. It was concluded that different exposure areas did not affect H reflex during localized muscular cooling.

    DOI CiNii

  • 日常生活における身体活動が及ぼす睡眠時の血圧変動

    江川 賢一, 佐藤 健, 宮崎 正己

    睡眠と環境   4 ( 1 ) 76 - 81  1997.10

  • 携帯型24時間連続血圧計による覚醒・就眠時の血圧変動

    江川賢一, 佐藤健, 宮崎 正己

    睡眠と環境   4 ( 1 ) 82 - 85  1997.10

  • Effect of skin temperature on Hoffman reflex activity during lower limb muscles cooling in human,

    T. Sato, S. Igawa, M. Miyazaki

    Journal of Human Environment Systems,   1   81 - 86  1997.04

  • The effect of fatigue caused by electrical induction or voluntary contraction on Ia inhibition in human soleus muscle

    T.Tuboi, T.Sato, K.Egawa, M.Miyazaki

    Neuroscience Letters   197   72 - 74  1995.10  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Last author

    DOI CiNii


  • 下肢筋における冷却の影響,

    佐藤健, 坪井貴司, 宮崎正己

    睡眠と環境,   3 ( 3 ) 340 - 345  1995.04  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Last author




     View Summary

    In the last few years, epidemiological studies have shown correlations between the low endurance capacity of the erector spinae muscle and low back pain (LBP). In this study, the function of the erector spinae muscle and localized muscle fatigue in LBP were investigated in both LBP patients and control subjects without LBP, using surface multi-channel electromyograms (EMG). Four positions (L1, L2, L4, L5) were chosen as representative locations for the different functions of the erector spinae muscle. Median frequency (f(m)) parameters of an EMG power density spectrum were monitored to quantify localized muscle fatigue. This research indicated a statistically significant difference (P < 0.05) in f(m) parameters between the LBP patients and the control subjects. The integrated electromyogram (iEMG) signals of LBP patients were considerably higher than for the control subjects during endurance isometric contraction. Our research suggested that human fatiguing erector spinae muscle, in submaximal voluntary contractions tests, induced a different firing order of motor unit spikes between two groups.

  • Thermal effects on human performance in closed space

    Izumi Yasushi, Egawa Ken'ichi, Sato Takeshi, Fujita Takeshi, Miyazaki Masami

    JES Ergonomics   30   278 - 279  1994

    DOI CiNii

  • 高圧暴露により生じた血管内気泡に対する再圧の効果

    野寺 誠, 宮崎 正己, 後藤 與四之, 梨本 一郎

    日本高気圧環境医学会雑誌   27 ( 4 ) 223 - 229  1992.10

  • 減圧症の実験的研究—ヘリウム混合ガス潜水と空気潜水との比較—

    野寺 誠, 宮崎 正己, 後藤 與四之, 梨本 一郎

    日本高気圧環境医学会雑誌   27 ( 3 ) 129 - 135  1992

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Books and Other Publications

  • Science and Racket Sports Ⅳ

    A.Lees, D.Cabello, G.Torres

    Routledge  2009

  • 微量栄養素小事典


    西村書店  2008.11 ISBN: 9784890133734

  • Contemporary Ergonomics

    Margaret A. Hansen

    Talor & Fransis  2001.05 ISBN: 0415250730

  • 不器用な子どもの運動プログラム

    Daniel D. Arnheim, Wiliam A. Sinclair

    西村書店  1990.03


  • 魅力的なリーダーの印象に関する研究

    菅原 徹, 川渕 誉雄, 宮崎 正己


    Presentation date: 2020.09

  • プロサッカー選手のメンタリティに関する研究

    菅原 徹, 佐藤 祥, 宮崎 正己


    Presentation date: 2020.09

  • 温度制御機構付き敷き寝具の有用性の検討

    武藤 貴雄, 宮崎 正己, 粂 直彦

    第27回 日本時間生物学会学術集会 

    Presentation date: 2020.08

  • Psychological and physiological study on new mattress assisting respiratory method and stretching

    Masami Miyazaki, Takao MUTO

    Presentation date: 2020.06

  • 敷き寝具の違いによる体圧分散と寝返り易さの評価 -新しいマットレス開発を受けて-

    宮崎 正己, 菅 原 徹, 安藤 圭祐, 藤田夏菜子, 武藤 貴雄

    日本睡眠環境医学会 第28回学術大会 

    Presentation date: 2019.09

  • Effect of body composition intake with nano-lactic acid in rats,

    Watanabe T, Sato T, Miyazaki M, Igawa S

    Integr Food Nutr Metab, 

    Presentation date: 2015.04

  • Growthof physique and development motor ability in junior-youth badominton players

    181 st Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 

    Presentation date: 2015.02

  • スポーツパフォーマンスにおけるコーディネーションの役割

    第37回 人間−生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2013.12

  • 投球動作と投球障害の関連性−投球動作解析から−

    第37回 人間−生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2013.11

  • 掛け寝具の有無による睡眠の質評価-HRVを指標として-


    Presentation date: 2013.11

  • 対話中の笑顔表出と印象の関係性分析


    Presentation date: 2013.11

  • 目と眉の間隔が対人印象の形成に及ぼす役割について


    Presentation date: 2013.11

  • The kinematics linkage in pitching motion

    The 31st ISBS 

    Presentation date: 2013.07

  • Ambulatory Monitoring of EMG Activity During Outdoor Walking

    ICAMPAM 2013 

    Presentation date: 2013.06

  • Evolution of Physical Activity in Young Adult of Aomori in Japan

    ICAMPAM 2013 

    Presentation date: 2013.06

  • Evolution of Physical Activity in Young Adult of Aomori in Japan

    ICAMPAM 2013 

    Presentation date: 2013.06

  • 対話における笑顔表出量と対人印象との関係性の解明


    Presentation date: 2013.03

  • 食品包装に用いられる不織布の印象に関する研究


    Presentation date: 2013.03

  • バランス運動の学習保持力に関する一考察

    第36回 人間ー生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2012.12


    Takeshi Sato, Masami Miyazaki, Takayuki Watanabe, Tasuku Miyoshi

    Proceedings of the XIXth Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology & Kinesiology, 

    Presentation date: 2012.06

  • Coordinate of unicycle retention return decade resting phase

    Multimodal interfaces for capturing and tranfer of skill 

    Presentation date: 2011.12

  • Analysis of EMG Activity During Nordic Pole Walking in Outdoor Fields,

    Takeshi Sato, Takayuki Watanabe, Masami Miyazaki, Macky Kato

    International Conference on Human-Environment System, Vol.4, 433 - 437 

    Presentation date: 2011.12

  • A trial to the development of the sleep stage simple method using the actigram

    The Fourth Internatinal Conference on Human-Environment System 

    Presentation date: 2011.10

  • Visual Search skills in Task of Spot Difference

    Takeshi Sato, Masami Miyazaki, Takayuki Watanabe

    International Skills 2011, 306 - 309 

    Presentation date: 2011.09

  • Effect on incline backward walking on heart rate and oxygen consumpion

    ICHPER SD Asia Congress 

    Presentation date: 2011.01

  • The effects of EMG responsee between nordic pole walking and normal walking

    ICHPER SD Asis Congress 

    Presentation date: 2011.01

  • Improvement for the general use of the badominton robot

    ICHPER SD Asia Congress 

    Presentation date: 2011.01

  • Relationship of hittibg ratio and "Kai"in japanese art of archery "Kyudo"

    ICHPER SD Asia Congress 

    Presentation date: 2011.01

  • ノルディックポールウォーキング中の身体活動について

    第34回 人間—生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2010.11

  • Comparison of physique and somatotype of male golfers in Japan,

    Kazuaki Kawashima, Shunichi Takeshita, Masami Miyazaki, Kazyoshi Seki, Takeshi Sato

    The 16th Asian Games Science Congress Proceedings, 

    Presentation date: 2010.01

  • 日本人幼児のエネルギー消費量と身体組成の関係


    Presentation date: 2009.11

  • 腓腹筋定常時変位によるヒト立位姿勢の安定性の一考察


    Presentation date: 2009.11

  • 腓腹筋定常位変位によるヒト立位姿勢の安定性の一考察

    第33回 人間—生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2009.11

  • Comparison between chilling effects by the difference of the material of the pillow

    11th European Congress of Medical Thermology 

    Presentation date: 2009.09

  • 男子ゴルフプレーヤーのソマトタイプからの検討


    Presentation date: 2009.09

  • 短時間の高気圧酸素暴露に対する亜鉛欠乏の影響


    Presentation date: 2009.06

  • 高齢女性の骨密度とSF−36健康関連QOLの関連に関する検討

    第31回 人間ー生活環境系シンポジウム 

    Presentation date: 2007.11

  • 登り勾配の違いが生体の循環器機能に与える影響について


    Presentation date: 2007.11

  • Somatotypes characteristics of female golfers in Japan

    Universiade Bangkok 2007 FISU conference 

    Presentation date: 2007.08

  • 大学ソフトテニス選手と一般大学生の水分代謝の比較


    Presentation date: 2006.12

  • Energy expenditure measurement of the badominton player in training camp using doubly labelled water method

    4th World congress of science and rakeket sports 

    Presentation date: 2006.09

  • Comparison of water turnover rates between collegiate soft tennis players and age-matched sedentary undergraduates

    4 World congress of science and rakeket sports 

    Presentation date: 2006.09

  • 高酸素の生体に及ぼす影響について


    Presentation date: 2004.11

  • ソフトテニス選手のDLW法を用いた合宿時のエネルギー消費量について


    Presentation date: 2004.11

  • 下着の保温性に関する研究


    Presentation date: 2004.11

  • A study of plain clothe of underware

    10th Anniversary Conference Health,Life and Environment 

    Presentation date: 2004.11

  • Effect of Functional Stimulation System for the Motor Diabled

    XVth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association and The 7th Jonit Conference of Ergonomics Society of Korea/Japn Ergonomics Society 

    Presentation date: 2003.08

  • A survey of golf injuries in Japanese male golfers

    Kazuyuki Kawashima, Masami Miyazaki, Kiyotada Kato

    World scientific congress of golf 

    Presentation date: 2002.07

  • Effect of ADL in functional electrical stimulation system for the AGED HEMIPLEGIA

    AAAS Anuuual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition 

    Presentation date: 2002.02

  • Changing Reflex Response in Soleus During Head Down Bed Rest,

    Takeshi Sato, Tasuku Miyoshi, Masami Miyazaki, International, Physiological Science

    International Physiological Science,Vol3,76 

    Presentation date: 2001.09

  • Human Navigation

    Masami Miyazaki, Kazuyoshi Seki, Takeshi Sato,

    International Symposium on GPS/GNSS Proceedings, 

    Presentation date: 2001.09

  • Assesment of muscle sound properties from intramuscular microstimulations


    Presentation date: 2000.09

  • Application of portable global positioning system receiver in monitoring for human movement,

    Sato, H Yoritaka, M Miyazaki, K Seki

    Contemporary Ergonomics, Vol.50, 431 - 435 

    Presentation date: 1999.04

  • Relationship between skin temperature and exercise-induced muscle soreness in lower limb muscle

    Takeshi Sato, Masami Miyazaki

    International Conference on Human-Enviromental System, Vol 2, 481 - 484 

    Presentation date: 1998.12

  • Effect of water loading on physical activity,

    M Miyazaki, T sato, S Igawa

    International Conference on Human-Enviromental System, Vol.2, 459 - 462 

    Presentation date: 1998.12

  • Analysis of Exercise-Induced Muscle Soreness and Electromyographic change,

    T Sato, M Miyazaki, K Seki

    Biomechanics in Sports, Vol.15, 237 - 242 

    Presentation date: 1997.07

  • Changes of tissue in skeltal muscle fiber damage as a model of muscle soreness

    AAAS Anuuual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition 

    Presentation date: 1997.02

  • 携帯用GPSレシーバーを用いたヒト行動の分析


    Presentation date: 1996.12

  • Application of Three Dimensional Accelerometry to Human motion Analysis,

    Kenichi Egawa, Takeshi Sato, Masami Miyazaki

    International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sports, 389 - 399 

    Presentation date: 1995.07

  • Reflex response during cooling on limb muscles,

    Takeshi Sato, Takashi Tuboi, Masami Miyazaki

    International Society of Biomechanics, 14, 910 - 911 

    Presentation date: 1995.07

  • Relationship between Isokinetic Peak Torque and Physical Conditioning in Japanease Professional Baseball Players,

    Takeshi Sato, Teiichi Nakayama, Masami Miyazaki

    International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sports, 

    Presentation date: 1995.07

  • Hoffman reflex response in human legs during localized cooling,

    Takeshi Sato, Takashi Tsuboi, Masami Miyazaki

    International Congress of Thermology, 87 

    Presentation date: 1995.05

  • Effects of hyperbaric Oxgen on Decompression Illness of Rats


    Presentation date: 1994.09

  • Evaluation of walking analysis method with 3-dimensional accelerator

    International conference on biomedical engineering,42045 

    Presentation date: 1994.08

  • Evaluation of walking analysis method with 3-dimensional accelerator

    International conference on biomedical engineering 

    Presentation date: 1994.04

  • 急速な筋の伸張に伴う短潜時反射と長潜時反射応答について


    Presentation date: 1987.05

  • EMG activity and kinematics of human stumbling corrective reaction during running

    Presentation date: 1981.07

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Research Projects

  • 乳がん患者の衣服選択を支援するスマートミラー開発のための基礎研究

    日本学術振興会  科学研究費助成事業

    Project Year :


    土肥 麻佐子, 分田 貴子, 西村 拓一, 宮崎 正己, 角田 千枝, 石垣 理子

     View Summary


  • Quantities analysis of human information using GPS receiver and DLW method

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    SEKI Kazuyoshi, MIYAZAKI Masami, SATO Takeshi

     View Summary

    GPS is funded by and controlled by the U.S.Department of Defense (DOD). While there are many thousands of civil users of GPS world-wide, the system was designed for and is operated by the U.S. military. GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock. We already have been studied to use this Global Positioning System in applying to Physical Activity. Estimation of moving distance is to get accuracyusing handy GPS receiver And with Doubly Labeled Water method. Human movement activity was analyzed. Validation against the precise and near continuous respiratory gas exchange has demonstrated that the method is accurate(1〜3%)and has a precision of 4% to 7%, depending isotope dose, length of elimination period, and frequency of sampling(two-point vs. multipoint). The method is based on a number assumptions that must be taken into account depending on the application of human activity. There is still some debate on refinement of the kinetic model. And we can consider the DLW method the gold standard for assessing energy expenditure

  • Analyzing of human monitoring by using RFID in the home for the aged

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    MIYAZAKI Masami, SEKI Kazuyoshi, SATO Takeshi

     View Summary

    This study is to establish human entrance with RFID. We had a system of monitoring human. We analyzed personal ID with RFID via RS232C using personal computer. We had experiment human with RFID. As a result we could recognize each person.In the field, We could a good result of human monitoring in the home for the aged. We concluded this system to Monitoring human behaviors

  • Development of Falling Self-Efficacy Scale for Elderly People : the Reliability and Validity

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :



     View Summary

    This paper outlines the development of the falling self-efficacy (FSE) scale for elderly people. From interviews with 24 elderly people who lived in a home for the aged, 27 items were selected as indicators of fall events or fall related situations during daily life activities in Study 1. These items were applied to 151 elderly people who lived in community area and nursing homes to develop the scale in Study 2. Finally, the 15-items FSE scale was developed after checking the distribution for each item. The scale showed high reliability by the internal consistency (α =.96) and the test-retest procedure (γ=.74) in Study 3. In Study 4, the validity was examined by finding the relationships between the FSE score and some movement variables for 10 m walking and stepping-over the 30 cm obstacle. The FSE score was significantly correlated to the stridelength and velocity during walking, as well as the stride distance and velocity in stepping-over. Fallers during last year also had a significantly smaller FSE score compared to non-fallers. In addition, persons who had high fear of falling showed a significantly smaller FSE score. For future research, the scale should be used to screen the elderly persons who have a severe fear of falling and lead to restricting physical activity and to clarify the effects of the fall prevention program. Finally, it was discussed that cognitive-behavioral approach plays an important role for effective fall-prevention programs for elderly people

  • Quantative analysis of School Child Physical Activity using Satelite as a Navigation System

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    SEKI Kazuyoshi, MIYAZAKI Masami

     View Summary

    This study has cone quantative analysis of human movement. School Children have carried GPS (global Postioning System) recitver. This receieve gets a positioning data from satilite. At first, data of positioning were over 100m, but using differenciol GPS,dat were within 20m. This GPS system indicated human movenment analysis. But this system had heavy weight stally. If, it will be smaller, it convenient to physical activity, specialy, school children. In future school children will he contralled to measure physial activity by using GPS receiver. This method will be effective to analysis human actreity. And this method will be expected to apply wefare, for exampl, to detect wandering order people

  • Chenges on muscular contractive force and motor units of the aged man with exercise prescription

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    NAGATA Akira, MIYAZAKI Masami, OTA Fukio, KATO Kiyotada

     View Summary

    Health・fitness of aged man were designed quantitatively as performance and activities at daily livehood. At their lifestyle, the exercise prescription was positioned as the measures of the health-fitness promotion and keepness. Those exercise prescription would effect upon the trainability of muscle contractive components and the recruiment of motor units, then their muscle force and non-fatigue performance (the whole endurance) were recorded on various parameters of muscle reflex and responses, muscle torque, electromyography (EMG), evoked EGM (H and M waves), muscle endurance, muscle regulation of the lower limb balance and physical stress during exercise prescription.Method of this study were electromyogram and evoked EMG of various body parts during exercise of aged man. Aged man muscles were observed little atrophy and denervation on various body tremities and motor nerves. Also, slow-twitch oxidative muscle fibers (SO) were appeared at the triceps surae and the quadriceps femur except the posture-gravity muscles. Recruitment of motor units of aged man were characterized on the slower frequency and the lower amplitude of EMG signals during physical exercise. While fast type of motor units were not appeared at whole body muscles, and those moter nerve innervation toward the muscle did not change on the number ratio of the motor nerve and muscle fiber at the aged man

  • Training programs development on relationship between physical characteristics and athletes performance on their proper sports.

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    NAGATA Akira, MIYAZAKI Masami

     View Summary

    Short distance athletes has developed their leg flexor's hyperptophy and showed their skillful performance depended upon remarkable development on the Hamstring muscle of the knee extension. Exercise hormone (catecholamine and beta-endorphin) was measured at resting, during sports practice and at recovery, and distinct values of athletes playrs showed much more increase than that of sedentary quantitatively. The more volume of Dopamine were appeared at resting, the lesser fit for sports playrs or athletes during exercise. While long distance athletes and whole endurance sports playrs (soccer and basketball) showed an averaged 58.0 ml/kg/min of maximum oxygen uptake, and then their training programs has been recommended an classical aerobic exercises, for example an interval training or a circuit training of seven items. Physical character of athletes playrs has been a non-vagotonia, a sympathetic nerves, and little fluctuation on R-R interval of their electrocardiogram at resting.Ramp loads programs were developed as a training modes for sports athletes depended on their relationship between physical characters and sports performance. These loads program would be used in order to discover the elite playr in future, and to select the most adaptive sports items in various sports

  • 児童の緩衝動作に伴う骨・関節障害の誘発因子とその防御反応機構の作用について

    日本学術振興会  科学研究費助成事業

    Project Year :


    宮崎 正己

  • 身体活動量測定の為の携帯式小型GPSによる位置情報モニタリングシステムの開発

     View Summary

    本年度は携帯型GPSレシ-バを使用して、携帯電話による補正位置情報サービスによる補正された位置情報を取得した。この取得された位置情報を基にSISという地図情報システム(Geographic Information System)にその位置データを基にした移動軌跡図を描いた。また、同時に生体情報(心拍数、呼吸数、節電図)も携帯型データレコーダによって取得した。位置情報は携帯電話を利用しているため電波を受信できない状況(例えば地下など)も生じてくるが、精度の高い位置データの取得が可能であった。このことにより、二次元的及び三次元的な人の移動距離の実測が可能となった。また、同時に取得した生体情報は人の移動距離の生体の状況を説明できるものとして有用なことが示された。今後は、位置情報のデータ・生体情報をオンライン化することや位置情報の補正サービスを受けた際のデータの補間法などがいくつかの点での問題が残された

  • 体力・健康度に対する定量的評価の確立に向けての調査研究

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  • 体育学分野におけるセンシング技術の現状調査と将来予測

     View Summary

    ヒトの体力・健康度を精確かつ簡便に測定・評価するために、現代社会において求められているセンサ技術とはどのようなものか、体育学分野で現状調査を行い、理工学系の研究者とともにその将来予測を行った。体育学系ならびに理工学系の研究者がそれぞれ、「現在使用されているセンサの現状調査」、「センサに対するニーズを整理・分析」、「センサに対するシーズの調査・分析」の3つのグループに分かれて調査研究を進めた。「現在使用されているセンサの現状調査」グループでは、センサ機器メーカの検索や体育学分野で活動する研究者に対するアンケート調査からセンサ技術の現状や問題点を把握した。「センサに対するニーズを整理・分析」グループでは、調査によって明らかとなった問題点から社会のニーズに貢献しうる技術について論議を行った。「センサに対するシーズの調査・分析」グループでは、現時点で実用化に近い技術を整理した。また、生体機能測定に関連する施設及びセンサ機器を視察するために産業医科大学を訪問し、同大学の研究者と意見交換を行った。さらにオーストラリアへ渡り、パース市のThe University of Western Australia、シドニー市のNew South Wales Institute of Sportを訪問し、それぞれ研究者に施設を案内してもらい、現在使用している実験機材について説明を受けた。これに加えて、現在日本の体育学分野で用いられているセンサ技術についての知識を得るために、講師を招聘して特別講演を開催した。講演後の討論からその応用とこれからの可能性について考察した。以上のことから、健康度や体力の評価を簡便にでき、なおかつ軽量で身体に装着可能な携帯端末(ウェラブルセンサ)のニーズが高いことが明らかになった。今後はウェラブルセンサ機器を中心に調査を進める予定である

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  • 笑顔の多様性と表情筋活動に関する研究

    菅原徹, 青木滉一郎, 加藤徹也, 宮崎正己, 中川春奈

    日本感性工学会大会予稿集(CD-ROM)   16th  2014


  • 対話における笑顔表出量と対人印象との関係性の解明

    青木滉一郎, 菅原徹, 宮崎正己, 加藤徹也

    日本感性工学会春季大会予稿集(CD-ROM)   8th  2013


  • 磁気治療器利用による温熱性効果の検討

    宮崎 正己, 井川 正治

    Biomedical thermology : the journal of the Japanese Society of Thermorogy = 医学・生物学サーモロジー   30 ( 1 ) 33 - 33  2010.06


  • 冷え性に関するサーモロジー的研究

    宮崎 正己, 井川 正治

    日本生気象学会雑誌   42 ( 3 ) S71  2005.10


  • 905 身体活動におけるウオータローデングの影響について(S9-O口頭発表, Session 9運動生理/形態)

    宮崎 正己, 佐藤 健, 井川 正治

    人間-生活環境系シンポジウム報告集   98   74 - 74  1998.11



  • 関東学生ソフトテニス...

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Overseas Activities

  • 人間の快適性の人間動態的な観点による海外比較の研究


    カナダ   University of Toronto

  • GPSによるヒューマンナビゲーションの応用に関する調査研究





Internal Special Research Projects

  • 動的笑顔時における表面筋電図解析法及びビデオ映像記録による分析的研究


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    今回、動的な笑顔を研究対象とした。動的な笑顔の特性について、表情筋の筋活動を表面筋電図法にて、また、同時にをその笑顔をビデオ撮影と同時計測をおこなった。その笑顔の特性について、双方の観点から、検討した。笑顔の主働筋である大頬骨筋、笑顔を作るのに関与する輪筋、頬筋、上唇挙筋、下唇下制筋を記録の対象として表情筋の中から笑顔を作るの 6 筋の筋電図を上記の条件下でビデオと同時記録した。の筋 活動を筋電図で捉え,その積分値をリアルタイムで被験 者に呈示することで,一定強度の笑顔の生成と保持を可 能にした.被験者に菅原(2014)による測定方法に準拠したおこなった。大頬骨筋の最大随意収縮活動を 100%とした,75%,50%,25%の筋活動による表情を させ,作為的に強度が4段階に異なる笑顔をつくりだし 笑顔の表情筋活動の計測を行った。 被験者は男子大学生2名を用いた。 筋電位多点計測法で明らかにした表情筋活動の測定可能 領域を対象とした . 積分値を一定に保つことを被験者に訓練させ,維持 が可能となった段階で計測を試みた. 大頬骨筋活動の最大随意収縮(Maximum Voluntary Contraction: MVC)時の最大笑顔,その 75%の強い笑 顔,50%の中程度の笑顔,25%の弱い笑顔を筋力調節で行った。ビデオカメラでは、100%、75%、50%、25%の動画を記録した。記録された笑顔の表情について、FaceReader(ソフィア・サイエンティフィック社)にて、解析を行った。結果は、MVCの強度が低下するほど、動画での、笑顔の占有率が低下するという結果であった。強度の低下とは、相関が得られなかった。

  • 笑顔の表情の画像の大きさによる違いの影響について


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  • 教養体育教育のカリキュラム変遷と開発


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  • 人と生活を支えるGPSに関する国際シンポジウム

    1997   黒田 勲, 関 一誠, 佐藤 健

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  • ヘリウム混合ガス圧暴露によって生じる運動麻痺への再圧の効果について


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    本研究は,きわめて短い時間の高圧曝露にヘリウム混合ガスを用いたときの再圧の影響を見たものである。 実験方法は,Wister系雄ラットを小型動物用高圧タンクに入れ,ヘリウム酸素混合ガスで7ATAまで急速加圧し,20分間保圧した後,毎分20atmの速さで1ATA(大気圧)まで減圧した。ヘリオックス圧曝露からの減圧終了10分後,ラットを高圧タンクから取り出し生死を確認した。そして,ヘリオックス圧曝露からの減圧終了後15分から20分間,3ATAの空気再圧をおこなった。 3ATAにて20分間の空気再圧を行った実験では,12例中6例が両後肢麻痺,4例が起立できない状態であった。また,残りの2例では,異常動作はみられなかった。 空気再圧後4例が死亡したが,いずれも再圧前は,両後肢麻痺の状態であり,再圧中は症状に変化はなかった。このうち2例は,再圧を終了し,1ATAに戻った直後,激しく喘ぎ,死亡した。精巣上体付随の脂肪組織では,血管外気泡と共に大量の気泡がみられた。 再圧治療が効果をあげるには,症状がなくなるまで気泡を縮小させるばかりでなく,その後の減圧で気泡が拡大して再び減圧症が引き起こされたり,途中の経過で新たな気泡が形成されないことが必要とされている。 不完全な再圧では,気泡が吸収消失せず溶解窒素量が増加すること,また再圧中に縮小した静脈中の気泡が動脈側へと移動し,減圧中に動脈側で再度大きくなり,より重篤な症状を引き起こすことなども減圧症の悪化や再発の要因として挙げられる。