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  • Faculty of International Research and Education   Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

  • Affiliated organization   Global Education Center

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  • 2020

    理工学術院総合研究所   兼任研究員

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    Kyoto University   Graduate School, Division of Earth Science   Geology and Mineralogy  


    Keio Unievrsity   Faculty of Economics  

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  • Kagoshima University   Docter of Science

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    Professor of the School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University: April,


    Associate Professor of the School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University: April,


    Associate Professor of the Faculty of Information, Teikyo Heisei University: April,


    Lecturer of the Faculty of Information, Teikyo University of Technology: April,

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    Fossil Research Society of Japan


    Herpetological Society of Japan


    Society of Vertebrate Paleontology


    Palaeontological Society of Japan


    Geological Society of Japan


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  • Biogeosciences

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  • paleontology, evolution, phylogeny, paleoenvironment

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  • 島根県美保関地域の下部中新統古浦層から産出した食肉類化石

    荻野慎諧, 平山廉, 河野重範

    化石研究会会誌   46 ( 1 ) 29 - 34  2013.09

  • 岩手県に分布する白亜系宮古層群及び久慈層群の浅海〜非海成堆積物と後期白亜紀陸生脊椎動物群

    梅津慶太, 平山廉, 薗田哲平, 高嶋礼詩

    日本地質学雑誌   119 ( 補遺 ) 82 - 95  2013.08

  • A new species of the genus Ocadia (Testudines: Geoemydidae) from the Middle Miocene of Tanegashima Island, southwestern Japan and its paleozoogeographic implications

    Takahashi, A, Oki, K, Ishido, T, Hirayama, R

    Zootaxa   ( 3647 ) 527 - 540  2013.05  [Refereed]

  • Fossil turtles of the genus Baicalemys (Emydidae): new data on morphology and phylogenetic position (preliminary results)

    Danilov, I.G, Syromyatnikova, E.V, Hirayama, R

    The problems of Herpetology, Proceedings of 5th Congress of the Alexander M. Nikolsky Herpetological Society     68 - 71  2012.09

  • 北海道上部白亜系から見つかったMesodermochelys(カメ目:ウミガメ上科:オサガメ科)の新資料について


    むかわ町立穂別博物館研究報告   ( 27 ) 17 - 22  2012.03

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  • 誰かに話したくなる恐竜の話

    平山 廉

    宝島社  2013.08 ISBN: 4800205468

  • Kappachelys okurai gen. et sp. nov., a new stem soft-shelled turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Japan. In: Brinkman, D.B., P. A. Holroyd, and J. D. Gardner (eds.), Morphology and Evolution of Turtles: Origin and Early Diversification.

    Hirayama, R, Isaji, S, Hibino, T

    Springer  2012.09 ISBN: 9400743084

  • 古生物学事典 第2版

    平山 廉

    朝倉書店  2010.06 ISBN: 4254162650

  • 桑島化石壁産出化石調査報告書

    平山 廉

    白山市教育委員会  2010.03

  • 恐竜の復元

    平山 廉

    学習研究社  2008.08 ISBN: 4054036228

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  • Paleontological study on the establishment of the primate fauna in Asia

    Project Year :


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    We made paleontological and geological field works at the Late Miocene to Late Pliocene Irrawaddy sediments in central Myanmar, and found numerous vertebrate fossils including many primate fossils. As the result we elucidated that abrupt changes of the land mammal fauna during the Late Miocene probably because of the global aridification and expanding of grassland around 8 Ma.On the other hand, we analyzed the numerous isolated teeth discovered from the 14 Pleistocene cave deposits of the Guangxi Province, southern China, and revealed that multiple primate taxa were sympatrically distributed there since the Early Pleistocene and that the primate fauna changed drastically during the Middle to Late Pleistocene

  • On paleoecosystem and paleoenvironment of the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group ; promotion of the public understanding of the fossils, local museums and visitor centers, site protection in the local community

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    Through the project, 2062 specimens have been prepared and catalogued into the animal fossil collection at the Board of Education in Shiramine Village, Ishikawa Prefecture. Thirty-nine species and three morpho types of the egg shells have been recognized including 9species of molluscs, 4 species of fishes, one species of amphibian, 7 species of lizards, 3 species of turtles, 3 species of choristoderans, 6 species of dinosaurs, 2 species of pterosaurs, one species of birds, one species of synapsids, and two species of mammals. Among the fossil reptiles, a dolichosaur-like animal was identified for the first time outside of Europe/Middle East. It represents the earliest fossil record and the first occurrence in non-marine strata. The fossil is not congruent with a latest hypothesis that the snakes, dolichosaurs, and mosasaurs evoloved in the European/Middle Eastern sea in the Late Cretaceous. Among fossil fishes, a Phareodus-like fish was identified for the first time in Asia and it represents the earliest fossil record. This fossil questions a hypothesis that Phareodus and its related fishes were originated in the Southern Hemisphere in the Late Cretaceous. We organized an international symposium on the Early Cretaceous biota in East Asia at Kitakyushu City Museum of Natural History and Human History on 1 and 2 June. There were 15 papers including six given by overseas delegates. We produced a traveling exhibition on the Early Cretaceous Biota. It opened first at Chiba Prefectural Museum and Institute in the summer of 2002, and traveled to Gunma Museum of Natural History, and Kitakyushu City Museum of Natural History and Human History attracting more than 37300 visitors in total

  • Phylogenetic positions and biomineralization of eggshell proteins of turtles

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    We performed immunological assays on the extracts from eggshells of reptiles and birds. The results support that the archosaurian affinity of turtles. Raman measurements showed that eggshells of turtles are aragonite, whereas those of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and birds are calcite. We examined the ion composition in the secretions of the oviducts of soft-shelled turtles and hens. Under both the conditions, not aragonite but calcite is expected to be formed, suggesting that the switch between the polymorphs may be controlled by proteins

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  • A new specimen of Cuora miyatai, Pleistocene Asian box turtle from Japan

    Annual Meeting of the society of Vertebrate Paleontology 

    Presentation date: 2013.11

  • Terrestrial turtles from the Upper Cretaceous Tamagawa Formation of the Kuji Group of Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, northeast Japan

    Presentation date: 2013.09

  • Bone microstricture of turtle limb bones: advances in paleobiology of testudinates

    10th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology 

    Presentation date: 2013.07

  • Fossil turtles from the Pliocene Kameyama Formation of Tokai Group in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, central Japan

    Presentation date: 2013.06

  • The Early Miocene trionychid from the Tamagawa Formation in Hitachi-omiya City of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

    Presentation date: 2013.06

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  • 千葉県袖ケ浦市の第四紀清川層の脊椎動物群の研究


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     千葉県袖ヶ浦市滝の口における第四紀清川層の陸生脊椎動物化石群の発掘調査は,兼子尚知(産総研)や千葉県立中央博物館のスタッフと提携しながら,1999年より延べ60日以上におよぶ発掘作業をおこなってきた.昨年度は,4月29日から5月3日にかけての発掘を最後に,現場での作業を終了した.平山は,清川層から産出したカメ類化石の分類とその意義について研究を進めてきたが,特定課題研究費によって購入したデジタルカメを活用することで,多量に採集された化石資料の整理が大いに進展した.その成果の一部は,昨年9月に千葉大学で開催された日本地質学会において『平山 廉・高橋亮雄・安川雄一郎.日本本土における第四紀カメ類動物相とその古生物地理学的・古環境学的意義』として報告された. また,千葉県立中央博物館との連携により,清川層から産出した化石カメ類のうち,ヤベイシガメとハナガメ(いずれも絶滅種)に関して,それぞれ昨年11月と今年1月に2度にわたってメディア向けの発表をおこない,多大な反響があった.今年2月20日には,千葉県立中央博物館で清川層産の古生物学的成果に関するシンポジウムが開催され,その成果は年内に学術雑誌・第四紀研究に発表される予定である.特にハナガメについては,年内に新種としての記載論文を英文学術雑誌(日本古生物学会のPalaeontological Researchを予定)に出版する予定である. なお1月19日に発表したハナガメに関する記事は以下のようなWEBなどで紹介された.共同通信:Yahoo!ニュースhttp://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20050119-00000137-kyodo-soci毎日新聞:http://www.mainichi-msn.co.jp/kagaku/science/news/20050120k0000m040130000c.html

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  • 日本および中国における白亜紀・第三紀カメ類の地史的分布の解明


    中国   中国科学院


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