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  • Criminal law

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  • on the criminal reliability in large-scale accident cases

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    As a modern phenomenon, accidents are caused frequently by careless behaviors of a plurality of persons. Especially, accidents involving fatalities or injuries could be caused by careless behaviors of persons that are related to activities of companies.In this study, we tried to analyze the theoretical bases to clarify the criminal reliability of a person who acts with negligence and causes a large-scale accident thereby. Because of the universal character of this phenomenon, we though it is useful to research the theoretical bases of other countries. Therefore, we asked professors in Germany and Taiwan for the opinions on this issue and exchanged the points of view with them. The result of the symposium is to be published in Hogaku Kenkyu (Keio University)

  • A study of criminal regulations and recent developments in maritime crime

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    Researchers in the field of criminal law, criminal Procedure, and international law have teamed up to conduct comprehensive research on maritime crime and maritime regulation. We researched the cases of Japan and other countries. In addition, we conducted exchanges of opinions with the Japan Coast Guard to investigate the current status of maritime crimes and the recent developments in various regulations at sea. We also conducted a tour of the Coast Guard's facilities, such as the Traffic Advisory Service Centers. Based on these investigations, we analyzed the problems of recent maritime activities, and examined the necessity of maritime traffic management, ship navigation regulations, port facilities management, and legal correspondence

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  • 海上規制の現代的課題


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  • 海上刑事規制の課題


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  • 海上犯罪に対する刑事規制の研究


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  • 海上犯罪に対する刑事規制の研究


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    1 刑法、刑事訴訟法、国際法の研究者による海上規制に関する合同研究会の開催。2 海上保安実務の現状と課題の分析。


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