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Faculty of Commerce, School of Commerce
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Assistant Professor(non-tenure-track)


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Research Institute

  • 2022

    Research Institute of Business Administration   Concurrent Researcher

Internal Special Research Projects

  • Where Do Green Inventors Come From?


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    The purpose of this research is to elucidate the individual and social factors that shape green innovation within the automotive industry. While previous studies have focused on strategic initiatives of top decision-makers or the effects of institutional environments on green innovations, less attention has been paid to the inventors themselves. This study aims to investigate the characteristics of inventors who are more prone to innovate in green technologies and the social contexts that are conducive to green innovation.  By examining the interplay of these factors using patent data and social network analysis, the research seeks to draw implications on how managers can design effective environments for inventors to stay innovative amidst growing pressures for environmental responsibility. The result of the research was submitted to an academic journal.

  • Effect of Network Resources on Internationalization of Professional Services Firms


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    Tokutei Kadai fund allowed me to purchase the necessary equipment used in producing the following three sets of outcomes. First, I was able to finish data analyses for two projects on the internationalization of professional services firms. The projects are currently in the writing process to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals. Second, I was able to run a preliminary analysis for the 2023 Kakenhi project and was able to secure the grant. Third, I used the equipment for two projects on the text analyses of the descriptions of startup companies. I was able to present the results at an academic conference and publish them in two journals.