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JACK, James
Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Job title
Associate Professor(non-tenure-track)


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  • Faculty of Science and Engineering   Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Research Institute

  • 2022

    Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering   Concurrent Researcher

  • 2022

    Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society   Concurrent Researcher

Internal Special Research Projects

  • Artistic Thinking with Sea as Center


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    This projectengages with the sea asa source, resource andcenter for artisticthinking.Its methodology relieson ocean currents and other wet cartographies that decenter the authority of land-basedknowledge in current systems of thought. Artistic research actively inserts “a seascape epistemology” (Amimoto Ingersoll 2016) to expand the lexicon of discourse with diverse perspectives from the sea. Interisland networks of solidarity focused on justice (Chinen 2010) are sustained with creativework in colors of red ochre, burnt sienna and mud taupe. Ancestors live onin active weaving of teachings from islandertraditions, botanic richnessand more than humanspecies. In resistanceto hierarchical forms of diplomacy, we engagewith “the muddled journey of decolonialization” (Yamashiro 2022) to healtraumas of colonialism. Seeds nourished with love on “points in the Pacific”(Izumi 2013) including Tokunoshima, Shōdoshima and Hawai‘i Island impact other places(Toshi 2014). Exhibitions, publications and onlinefeatures share these imaginative perspectives with diverse communities.