Updated on 2024/02/21


ASCIONE, Benjamin James
Faculty of International Research and Education, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies
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Assistant Professor(non-tenure-track)


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Internal Special Research Projects

  • How domestic politics affects Japanese foreign and security policy


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    The Tokutei kadai grant has been utilized in theacquisition of books that are significantly advancing my research on therelationship between domestic politics and Japanese foreign policy. Inparticular, I am looking at two policy areas of Japanese foreign /securitypolicy:(1) Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the role of narratives for and against revision, and the legal structures governing the Japan Self-Defense Forces(2) Japan’s foreign policy vis-à-vis South Korea and theinteraction between historical memory and security cooperation.The principle sources of domestic politics underinvestigation include public opinion, domestic lobby groups, and the politicalpsychology of primary policy decision makers.I will be submitting journal articles for publication onthese two topics in the coming months.