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Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Advanced Science and Engineering
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Assistant Professor(without tenure)
Doctor of Science ( 2024.03 Waseda University )

Research Experience

  • 2024.04

    Waseda University   School of Advanced Science and Engineering   Assistant professor

  • 2021.04

    Waseda University   School of Advanced Science and Engineering

  • 2020.04

    Waseda University   Senior High School

  • 2016.04

    Waseda University   Senior High School

Professional Memberships

  • 2021.11


  • 2018.12


Research Areas

  • Molecular biology   シアノバクテリア


  • The GGDEF protein Dgc2 suppresses both motility and biofilm formation in the filamentous cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya boryana

    Kazuma Toida, Wakana Kushida, Hiroki Yamamoto, Kyoka Yamamoto, Kaichi Ishii, Kazuma Uesaka, Robert A. Kanaly, Shinsuke Kutsuna, Kunio Ihara, Yuichi Fujita, Hideo Iwasaki

    Microbiology Spectrum   11 ( 5 )  2023.10  [Refereed]

    Authorship:Lead author

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    Colony pattern formations of bacteria with motility manifest complicated morphological self-organization phenomena. Leptolyngbya boryana is a filamentous cyanobacterium, which has been used as a genetic model organism for studying metabolism including photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation. A widely used type strain [wild type (WT) in this article] of this species has not been reported to show any motile activity. However, we isolated a spontaneous mutant strain that shows active motility (gliding activity) to give rise to complicated colony patterns, including comet-like wandering clusters and disk-like rotating vortices on solid media. Whole-genome resequencing identified multiple mutations in the genome of the mutant strain. We confirmed that inactivation of the candidate gene dgc2 ( LBDG_02920 ) in the WT background was sufficient to give rise to motility and morphologically complex colony patterns. This gene encodes a protein containing the GGDEF motif which is conserved at the catalytic domain of diguanylate cyclase (DGC). Although DGC has been reported to be involved in biofilm formation, the dgc2 mutant significantly facilitated biofilm formation, suggesting a role for the dgc2 gene in suppressing both gliding motility and biofilm formation. Thus, Leptolyngbya is expected to be an excellent genetic model for studying dynamic colony pattern formation and to provide novel insights into the role of DGC family genes in biofilm formation.


    Self-propelled bacteria often exhibit complex collective behaviors, such as formation of dense-moving clusters, which are exemplified by wandering comet-like and rotating disk-like colonies; however, the molecular details of how these structures are formed are scant. We found that a strain of the filamentous cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya deficient in the GGDEF protein gene dgc2 elicits motility and complex and dynamic colony pattern formation, including comet-like and disk-like clusters. Although c-di-GMP has been reported to activate biofilm formation in some bacterial species, disruption of dgc2 unexpectedly enhanced it, suggesting a novel role for this GGDEF protein for inhibiting both colony pattern formation and biofilm formation.




  • Identification of a histidine kinase involved in regulation of motility in the filamentous cyanobacterium, Leptolyngbya

    Kazuma TOIDA, Shu USHIO, Kaichi ISHI, Wakana KUSHIDA, Hiroki YAMAMOTO, Takashi SHIMOKAWA, Hideo IWASAKI

    14th Workshop on Cyanobacteria 

    Presentation date: 2022.06

    Event date:
  • Cell motility is inhibited by di-guanylate cyclase in the filamentous cyanobacterium. Leptolyngbya boryana

    K. Toida, W. Kushida, K. Uesaka, K. Ihara, Y. Fujita, H. Iwasaki

    11th European Workshop on the Biology of Cyanobacteria 

    Presentation date: 2020.09

    Event date:
  • シアノバクテリアLeptolyngbyaのdgc2変異株の滑走運動に関する網羅的な遺伝子発現解析

    牛尾志有, 八代啓太郎, 櫛田和花菜, 山本宏輝, 戸井田一磨, 岩崎秀雄


    Presentation date: 2024.03

    Event date:
  • 糸状性シアノバクテリアLeptolyngbyaの集団運動を解析するための蛍光レポーター系の開発

    八代 啓太郎, 戸井田 一磨, 若松 朝海, 岩崎 秀雄


    Presentation date: 2022.12

    Event date:
  • 糸状性シアノバクテリアLeptolyngybyaの滑走運動を制御するヒスチジンキナーゼの同定

    牛尾 志有, 石井 快知, 櫛田 和花奈, 山本 宏輝, 下川 卓志, 戸井田 一磨, 岩崎 秀雄


    Presentation date: 2022.12

    Event date:
  • 細胞外多糖と微細構造に注目したシアノバクテリアLeptolyngbya boryanaの運動機構の探索

    山本京香, 戸井田一磨, 山本宏輝, 櫛田和花奈, 岩崎秀雄


    Presentation date: 2022.03

    Event date:
  • 糸状性シアノバクテリアLeptolyngbya boryanaの運動性に関する分子遺伝学的探索

    戸井田一磨, 櫛田和花奈, 上坂一馬, 井原邦夫, 藤田祐一, 岩崎秀雄


    Presentation date: 2019.11

    Event date:
  • 糸状性シアノバクテリアLeptolyngbya boryanaの運動性を制御する新たな因子

    戸井田一磨, 上坂一馬, 井原邦夫, 藤田祐一, 岩崎秀雄


    Presentation date: 2019.03

    Event date:

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