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Research Council (Research Organization), Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation
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Junior Researcher(Assistant Professor)

Research Areas

  • Immunology


  • Lipopolysaccharide from Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue-Resident Alcaligenes faecalis: Complete Structure Determination and Chemical Synthesis of its Lipid As.

    Atsushi Shimoyama, Flaviana Di Lorenzo, Haruki Yamaura, Keisuke Mizote, Angelo Palmigiano, Molly D Pither, Immacolata Speciale, Tomoya Uto, Seiji Masui, Luisa Sturiale, Domenico Garozzo, Koji Hosomi, Naoko Shibata, Kazuya Kabayama, Yukari Fujimoto, Alba Silipo, Jun Kunisawa, Hiroshi Kiyono, Antonio Molinaro, Koichi Fukase

    Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)    2021.01  [International journal]

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    Alcaligenes faecalis is the predominant Gram-negative bacterium inhabiting gut-associated lymphoid tissues, Peyer's patches. We previously reported about A. faecalis lipopolysaccharide (LPS) acting as a weak agonist for Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)/myeloid differentiation factor-2 (MD-2) receptor while playing as a potent inducer of IgA without excessive inflammation. This suggests that A. faecalis LPS might be used as a safe adjuvant and boosted interest in the establishment of its chemical structure. In this study, we characterized the structure of both the lipooligosaccharide (LOS) and LPS from A. faecalis . We synthesized three lipid As with a different acylation degree by an efficient route where 1- and 4'-phosphates were simultaneously introduced. The immunological characterization of the lipid As revealed that hexa-acylated A. faecalis lipid A has a moderate agonistic activity towards TLR4-mediated signaling and the capability to elicit a discrete interleukin (IL)-6 release in human cell lines and mice. Hexa-acylated A. faecalis lipid A was thus found to be the active principle of its LOS/LPS and a promising vaccine adjuvant candidate.

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  • 小腸パイエル板組織内共生菌アルカリゲネスと樹状細胞の相互作用

    細見 晃司, 柴田 納央子, 下山 敦史, 宇戸 智哉, 長竹 貴広, 東島 陽子, 西野 友美, 竹山 春子, 深瀬 浩一, 清野 宏, 國澤 純

    腸内細菌学雑誌   34 ( 2 ) 90 - 90  2020.04

  • 小腸パイエル板組織内共生細菌アルカリゲネスの免疫機能とアジュバント応用

    柴田 納央子, 細見 晃司, 下山 敦史, 王 韻茹, 吉井 健, 深瀬 浩一, 清野 宏, 國澤 純

    日本小児栄養消化器肝臓学会雑誌   33 ( 2 ) 133 - 133  2019.12

  • 腸管組織内共生日和見細菌アルカリゲネス菌の形態変化に伴う、シトクロムc蓄積と宿主細胞のアポトーシス誘導

    柴田 納央子, 國澤 純, 安藤 正浩, 細川 正人, 堀井 俊平, 細見 晃司, 竹山 春子, 清野 宏

    日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集   2019年   213 - 213  2019.08


  • 腸管組織内に共生する日和見細菌アルカリゲネス菌の形態変化に伴う、シトクロムc蓄積と宿主細胞のアポトーシス誘導


    第71回 日本生物工学会大会 

    Presentation date: 2019.09

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