Updated on 2024/02/28

Faculty of International Research and Education, School of International Liberal Studies
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Assistant Professor(without tenure)


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Internal Special Research Projects

  • Using Digital Technology in University CLIL Environments: Challenges and Opportunities


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    I originally applied for the Waseda University Tokutei-Kadai grant in 2020 but I was limited in my ability to utilize the funds as expected due to research activity constrictions and heavy additional teaching burdens brought on by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, I was forced to request that the grant funds be carried over to the 2021 fiscal year. In the meantime, I submitted an application for the KAKENHI Early-Career Scientist grant-in-aid, but that application was rejected later in 2021. I will be submitting a revised version of that KAKENHI application in 2022. However, since the Tokutei-Kadai funds I received were set to expire by the end of the 2021 fiscal year I elected to use those funds on foundational resources for my research project that will be needed in 2022 when my research activities can finally commence more expansively while building on the data gathering I was able to achieve in 2021.