Updated on 2022/06/30


SU, Yirui
Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
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Research Associate


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Specific Research

  • Research of Interface Circuit for Hybrid Triboelectric Nanogenerators


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    To make fully utilize the energy in the ambient environment, such as collecting wind energy and acoustic energy simultaneously, hybrid triboelectric nanogenerators based on multiple working modes are proposed. However, due to the working frequency of TENGs (triboelectric nanogenerators) and internal resistance of TENGs composed of time-varying parasitic capacitors are different under different working modes, an interface circuit is needed to complete impedance matching and improve their output.In this work, the energy of TENGs' positive half cycle is still released to the load through the inductance, while the energy of TENGs' negative half cycle is utilized for the pre-biasing of TENG's positive half cycle, which can further improve the output and the impedance matching of TENGs. In addition, the peak detector is designed by using bipolar junction transistor, which can automatically identify the voltage peak of TENGs and the best advantage of it is cold-start can be achieved.However, the proposed circuit has not been fully completed. First, two inductors are used in the proposed circuit, which will increase the area of the circuit. Moreover, the proposed circuit can indeed be cold-start and identify the peak voltage of TENGs, and there is no problem for a single TENG, but for several TENGs with different motion phases, they will affect each other's output and reduce the output. The cause and solution of this problem have not been found.Future research will be focused on reducing the number of inductors used in the proposed circuit to one, and solving the problem that the output of TENGs affect each other. 

  • 摩擦帯電型ナノ発電機のインターフェイス回路設計


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    TENGはここ数年提案された新しいエネルギーハーベスティングであり、今までの研究ではTENGのサイクルごとの出力は常にCycle of Maximized Energy Output(CMEO)という範囲内だと証明されている。本研究では、TENG用のインタフェース回路を設計して、CMEOという出力リミットを打破し、しかもその出力はほぼロードに依存しないことも実現できった。設計した回路の動作を簡単に説明する。TENGの出力電圧は負のピーク値に達したら、コイルを利用して、電圧を反転させ、TENGの出力電圧は負からに正になった。TENGの出力電圧は正のピーク値に達したら、TENGのエネルギーを一気にコイルに介してロードに伝搬する。この手順を繰り返したら、TENGの出力はCMEOを超えるだと予測できる。 LTspiceの結果によると、提案回路を使用する場合、TENGサイクルごとの最大出力はCMEOの1.74倍である。

  • Research of Triboelectric Nanogenerator Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit


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    Triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) is a new energy technology proposed in recent years. Full-wave rectifier (FWR) and half-wave rectification (HWR) are commonly used energy extraction circuits for TENG, so it's necessary to analyze the output characteristics of TENG under the condition of them.  The calculation expression of the maximum output and optimal load of FWR and HWR for TENG is proposed in this research, which can help directly obtain the output characteristic without simulation or measurement. From the results, we can get that, unlike other energy harvesting devices, the output of HWR is higher than that of FWR for TENG, but the former requires the optimal load with larger resistance. And the results show that the output power of TENG is a linear function of frequency, and the optimal load is inversely proportional to frequency, which is consistent with the convention. It is worth mentioning that these optimal loads are equal to the internal equivalent resistance of TENG under the condition of FWR and HWR, so the output power of TENG with any loads can be easily gotten by using the voltage divider formula.The calculation results are consistent with the simulation results by LTspice, which can prove the correctness of the calculation formula we proposed.