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DEMATAGODA, Udith Haritha
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Affiliated organization, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
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Assistant Professor(non-tenure-track)

Specific Research

  • The Ideological Aesthetic: New Perceptions

    2021   SHIN Kunio, RIORDAN Kevin, ZHANG Nan

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     I have established a regular research seminar with scholars based inEurope and America. In order to expand this to include more prominent guest speakers, I willneed to wait to see if I have been successful in the Kakenhi. I will utilise funds from the Tokutei Kadei and Kakenhi, if successful, to expand my research activities through producing a series of video lectures and interviews with academics on the topic of ideology and aesthetics. Since thebeginning of 2021, I have a weekly meeting with Dr. Christos Asomatos, throughwhich we are attempting to establish the theoretical parameters for acollaborative article, which we will co-author, on the Ideological Aesthetic. We have now finished this article, and will now submit it to the Diacritics journal for publication. I will also apply for additional through the JSPS for funding to inviteDr. Asomatos to Tokyo, so that we can work on expanding our collaboration to an edited collection in 2022, for 3 months.