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Faculty of Human Sciences, School of Human Sciences
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博士(工学) ( 広島大学 )

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  • 情報コミュニケーション科学



  • The choice of communication media and the use of mobile phone among senior users and young users

    橋爪 絢子, 黒須 正明, 金子 孝夫

    総合研究大学院大学 人工物発達研究    2009  [Refereed]

  • Use of cell phone by senior users compared to young users

    橋爪 絢子, 黒須 正明, 金子 孝夫

    総合研究大学院大学 人工物発達研究    2009  [Refereed]

  • 高齢者の携帯電話リテラシーに関する地域差の分析

    橋爪 絢子, 黒須 正明, 金子 孝夫

    人間中心設計推進機構 人間中心設計推進機構誌    2008

  • IPネットワーク経由で配信される音響信号のための同期再生技術

    徳元,池戸, 金子,片岡

    信学論 (D-Ⅱ)    2004.09

  • Noise Post-Processing for Low Bit-Rate CELP Coders

    H. Ehara, K. Yasunaga, K. Yoshida, Y, Hiwasaki, K. Mano, T. Kaneko

    IEICE Trans. Inf. & Syst.    2004.06  [Refereed]

  • Design of a Robust LSP Quantizer for a High-Quality 4-kbit/s CELP Speech Coder

    Y, Hiwasaki, K. Mano, K. Yasunaga, T. Morii, H. Ehara, K. Yoshida, T. Kaneko

    IEICE Trans. Inf. & Syst.    2004.06  [Refereed]

  • ITU-T G.729音声符号化方式拡張のための品質評価

    栗原,片岡, 林, 金子

    信学論 (D-Ⅱ)    2004.02

  • Lossless Scalable Audio Coding and Quality Enhancement

    T. Moriya, A. Jin, T. Mori, K. Ikeda, T. Kaneko

    IEICE Trans. Inf. & Syst.    2003.03  [Refereed]

  • An LPC Vocoder Based on Phase-Equalized Pitch Waveform

    Y. Hiwasaki, K. Mano, T. Kaneko

    Speech Communication    2003  [Refereed]

  • A Real-time IMT-2000 Audio Transmission System

    T. Mori, T. Kaneko, T. Moriya, K. Ikeda

    IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics    2001.11  [Refereed]

  • A Remote Auscultation Support System Using Network

    T. Kaneko, T. Moriya, N. Iwakami

    IEICE Trans. Inf. & Syst.    2001.08  [Refereed]

  • 高品質音声圧縮技術を用いた視覚障害者のための朗読配信システム

    金子, 大室, 間野

    信学論 (D-I)   J83-D-I ( 11 ) 1196 - 1208  2000.11

  • 低ビットレート楽音符号化技術によるネットワーク放送システム

    金子, 三樹, 守谷, 岩

    信学論 (D-Ⅱ)    2000.11

  • IMT-2000用リアルタイム音楽配信システムの構築

    森,金子, 岩上, 守谷, 池田

    信学論 (D-Ⅱ)    2000.11

  • Card-sized portable audio player using high quality audio coding technology twin VQ

    T Takahashi, T Morita, T Shimoda, T Kaneko, T Moriya

    IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS   46 ( 3 ) 907 - 913  2000.08  [Refereed]

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    This paper presents a new implementation of the solid state audio player equipped with TwinVQ decoder. TwinVQ is an advanced high quality coding technology, and its basic algorithm is utilized in MPEG-4/Audio standardized by ISO (International Standardization Organization). Using TwinVQ coding, 44.1 kHz sampled audio data can be compressed at a very low bitrate of 40 kbit/s/ch with better sound quality than conventional coding methods as MPEG-1/Audio layer-3.
    Another feature of the player is that it is extremely compact, business-card-sized, 10 milt thick, including barren, as a result of the efficient design. Decoding algorithms are optimized and implemented into 16 bit fired-point DSP, and a vent thin rechargeable lithium polymer battery is contained integral with the player. As a result, the new player has very practical performance with low power consumption. and 6 hours of 44 kHz stereo audio can be continuously played when the battery is fully charged.

  • Analog Standard Cells for A-D and D-A Converters with Δ-Σ Modulators

    T. Kaneko

    IEICE Trans. Fundamentals   E83-A ( 2 ) 252 - 260  2000.02  [Refereed]

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