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ITO, Kimihisa
Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Job title
(BLANK) ( The University of Tokyo )
(BLANK) ( The University of Tokyo )

Research Experience

  • 1996

    Waseda Univ. Professor

  • 1991

    Waseda Univ., Associate Prof.

  • 1983

    Tohoku Univ., Research Associate

  • 1986

    Carnegie-Mellon Univ. Post-Doc

Education Background


    University of Tokyo   Graduate School, Division of Engineering   Metallurgy  


    University of Tokyo   Faculty of Engineering   Metallurgy  

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Research Areas

  • Earth resource engineering, Energy sciences / Metals production and resources production / Mathematical physics and fundamental theory of condensed matter physics / Fundamental physical chemistry

Research Interests

  • 数理物質工学


  • 西山記念賞


  • 村上記念研究奨励賞


  • John Chipman Award




  • The Estimation of Structural Properties for Molten CaO–CaF2–SiO2 System by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

    Tsuyoshi Asada, Yoshiki Yamada, Kimihisa Ito

    ISIJ International   48   120 - 122  2008.02  [Refereed]

  • Fe-Si-P合金とカルシウムフェライトとの反応

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   19   654 - 656  2006.09

  • 分子動力学法によるCaO-CaF2-SiO2系の融体構造および物性値の計算

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   20   832  2006.09

  • Physical Chemistry of Slag-Metal Reaction in Hot Metal Pretreatment

    Proceedings of The Asia Steel International Conference 2006     62 - 65  2006.05

  • The evaluation of the mixing properties of the mechanically stirred cylindrical vessel

    Kimihisa Ito, Norihiro Yamamoto, Seiichiro Kuranaga

    ISIJ INTERNATIONAL   46 ( 12 ) 1791 - 1794  2006  [Refereed]

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    The effect of baffles on the mixing of bath liquid and solid particles was investigated using a water model for the mechanically stirred vessel. The baffle whose width is 1/10 of the vessel diameter was enough to enhance the liquid-particles mixing. The LDV measurement showed the formation of the unsteady vertical flow by the baffle. The concept of information entropy was introduced for the evaluation of the mixing properties of the reactor. The vessel was divided into 35 regions and the transition probability for each region was estimated from the velocity profiles obtained from the LDV measurement. The complete mixing time was predicted by the calculation and compared with the observations.

  • Water Model Experiment for the Measurement of the mixing characteristics of a mechanically stirred cylindrical reactor

    Proceedings of The 12th ISIJ-VDEh Seminar     63 - 67  2005.11

  • 鉄鋼工学セミナーテキスト 熱力学

    日本鉄鋼協会    2005.07

  • 酸化チタンを含む酸化鉄系スラグの物理化学

    鉄と鋼   91   28 - 32  2005.01

  • 溶銑脱りんにおけるスラグ-固相間反応

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   17   646  2004.09

  • 機械式撹拌炉内の固液混合に及ぼす邪魔板の効果

    鉄と鋼   90 ( 6 ) 329 - 333  2004.06

  • The dissolution rate of solid lime into molten slag used for hot-metal dephosphorization

    T Hamano, M Horibe, K Ito

    ISIJ INTERNATIONAL   44 ( 2 ) 263 - 267  2004  [Refereed]

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    Highly efficient dissolution of CaO into melt has an important role in reducing the amount of steelmaking slag produced in the hot-metal dephosphorization process because the existence of free-CaO in the melt prevents reuse of the slag. There are numerous studies related to the rate of CaO dissolution, however, in many cases the experimental conditions have been limited. The present work measured the dissolution rate of CaO into several kinds of slags: FetO-CaO-SiO2-X (X,- CaF2, CaCl2, Al2O3 and B2O3) systems at hot-metal temperatures. To apply the results to practical operations, the efficiency of additives in dissolving CaO in the melts was compared using "the enhancement factor" based on the results.

  • 2相ステンレス鋼のクロム欠乏領域の計算

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   16 ( 4 ) 1514  2003.09

  • 溶銑脱りんスラグ中FeOのCOによる還元速度

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   16 ( 4 ) 987  2003.09

  • Measurement of the volumetric mass-transfer coefficient for gas-liquid reaction in a mechanically stirred vessel

    FUJIURA Masakuni, YAMAMOTO Norihiro, ITO Kimihisa

    CAMPISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   16 ( 4 ) 890 - 893  2003.09


  • 溶融CaO-SiO2-Al2O3スラグ中ZnOの熱力学

    環境資源工学   50 ( 3 ) 127 - 130  2003.08

    DOI CiNii

  • 還元溶解炉を用いた都市ごみ処理のシミュレーション

    環境資源工学   50 ( 3 ) 131 - 134  2003.08

    DOI CiNii

  • 攪拌浴中での結晶生成速度の推定

    CAMP-ISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   16   150  2003.03

  • 機械式攪拌炉における粒子分散の水モデル実験

    CAMP-ISIJ/日本鉄鋼協会   16   149  2003.03

  • マテリアルサイエンスの基礎 速度論

    八千代出版    2003.02

  • Reaction Kinetics of FeO Containing Molten Slags

    Steel Research   70   1  2003.01

  • Reaction Kinetics of FeO Containin Molten Slags

    The 11th ISIJ-VDEh Seminar    2002.09

  • Water Model Experiment of Fluid flow in Continuous Agitation Vacuum Agitation Vessel

    Proceedings of EMC 2001    2001.09

  • Distribution Equilibria of Pb and Cu between CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 Melts and Liquid Copper

    Met. & Maters. Transactions   31B   1261  2000.12  [Refereed]

  • Simulation of Waste Treatment in Steelmaking Furnace

    Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Steel & Society   463  2000.06

  • Physical Chemistry of FeO Based Slags Containing TiO2 and P2O5

    Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Steel & Society     439  2000.06

  • Effect of P2O5 on Reduction Rate of FeO Containing Slags with CO gas

    Proc. of the 6th Int. Conf. on Molten Slags     92  2000.06

  • Development of Dephosphorization Simulator for The Minimization of Steelmaking Slags

    Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Steel & Society     277  2000.06

  • マテリアルサイエンスの基礎 熱力学

    八千代出版    2000.02

  • 製鋼スラグ極小化委員会報告 脱りんシミュレータ

    日本鉄鋼協会    1999.11

  • 溶融スラグ中FeOのCOによる還元速度に及ぼすP2O5の効果

    CAMP-ISIJ / 日本鉄鋼協会   Vol.12  1999.11

  • 凝固現象に及ぼす融液流れの効果

    CAMP-ISIJ / 日本鉄鋼協会   Vol.12  1999.11

  • 気泡および超音波による介在物粒子の除去

    CAMP-ISIJ / 日本鉄鋼協会   Vol.12  1999.11

  • ウッドメタル、シリコンオイルを用いたモデル実験によるCzメルト内の温度計測

    講演大会予稿集 / 日本金属学会    1999.11

  • Czメルトの熱対流に関するモデル実験と可視化

    講演大会予稿集 / 日本金属学会    1999.11

  • CaO-SiO2-Al2O3スラグ中PbOの熱力学

    CAMP-ISIJ / 日本鉄鋼協会   Vol.12  1999.11

  • Rate of Reduction of FetO-SiO2-TiO2 Melts with CO gas.

    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions   30B  1999.08  [Refereed]

  • 鉄鋼工学セミナーテキスト 反応速度

    日本鉄鋼協会    1999.07

  • Waste Treatment in New Ironmaking Processes.

    East Asia Recycling Symposium, Tsukuba    1999.06

  • Activity Coefficient of Nickel Oxide in BaO-based Slags.

    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions   30B  1999.04

  • RH 反応器の環流量特性

    材料とプロセス/日本鉄鋼協会   10;1  1997.03

  • BaO系スラグ中におけるNiOの熱力学

    材料とプロセス/日本鉄鋼協会   10;1  1997.03

  • アジアにおける金属系材料の地球環境保全型・有効利用促進のための調査研究報告書

    日本機械工業連合会、 金属系材料研究開発センター    1997.03

  • 古典的核生成理論を熱力学から考えてみよう

    まてりあ   36 ( 1127 )  1997

  • Thermodynamics of NiO,CrO and CrO1.5 in CaO-SiO2-CaF2 Slag.

    Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Molten Slags Fluxes and Salts./Iron and Steel Society    1997.01

  • Cold Model Experiments of Gas Removal from Molten Metal by an Irradiation of Ultrasonic Waves.

    ISIJ International/日本鉄鋼協会   37;1  1997.01  [Refereed]

  • 均質核生成の熱力学

    メゾスコピック2相組織形成の熱力学とシミュレーションに関する調査報告書/池谷科学技術振興財団    1996.09

  • 希土類金属鉱石分解へのアルカリ水熱法の利用

    金属/アグネ技術センター    1996.08

  • 過酷環境使用金属系材料の研究課題に関する調査研究報告書

    日本機械工業連合会、金属系材料研究開発センター    1996.04

  • Model Study of Gas Removal from Melts Using High-Power Ultrasonic.

    International Congress of Steelmaking./Iron and Steel Society    1996.04

  • バストネサイト鉱石のアルカリ水熱反応速度

    資源と素材/資源素材学会   111;14  1995.12

  • Decomposition of Rare Earth Containing Ores by Alkaline Hydrothermal Process

    Metallurgical Review of MMIJ/資源素材学会   12;2  1995.12

  • 真空排気過程における脱ガス挙動のモデル実験

    材料とプロセス/日本鉄鋼協会   8;4  1995.11

  • 高製錬能スラグの水和反応

    材料とプロセス/日本鉄鋼協会   8;4  1995.11

  • 固体鉄と平衡するFeO-TiO2-SiO2系スラグの熱力学

    材料とプロセス/日本鉄鋼協会   8;4  1995.11

  • Mesurement of the Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient in a Cylindrical Gas Injected Vessel under Reduced Pressures

    ISIJ International/日本鉄鋼協会   35;11  1995.11

  • 水熱法を用いた銅-マンガン複合酸化物の合成

    資源・素材関係学協会合同春季大会講演概要/資源・素材学会    1995.09

  • 含希土類鉱石のアルカリ水熱分解

    資源と素材/資源素材学会   111;7  1995.07

  • Application of Gas-Lift Pump to Molten Metal System

    ISIJ International/日本鉄鋼協会   35;7  1995.07

  • 製鋼基礎

    鋳物/日本鋳造工学会   67;5  1995.05

  • Synthesis of Boron Nitride from Boron Oxide by Using Super-Critical Ammonia

    Materials Transactions, JIM/日本金属学会   36;5  1995.05  [Refereed]

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Research Projects

  • Development of the multi-phase thermal fluid simulator for the analysis of high temperature processes.

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    Ito Kimihisa

     View Summary

    The numerical simulator for the analysis of thermo-fluid in metallurgical processes was developed. The obtained results are as follows: 1) CFD program for non-Newtonian fluids was developed and applied to analyze the heat recovery process of steelmaking slags. 2) The gas-liquid two-phase flow simulator using XSPH method for the prediction of rising bubbles and the gas jets impinging onto the molten metal bath. Additionally, the heat transfer and expansion effects were considered. 3) The heat transfer equations and chemical reaction rates were coupled the developed simulator, which was applied to the simulation of the thermal decomposition of partially calcined CaCO3 particles driven into a molten metal bath.

  • A study on the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of particle methods based on Hamiltonian mechanics

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    SUZUKI Yukihito, SHIBATA Yoshihiro, YOSHIMURA Hiroaki, ITO Kimihisa

     View Summary

    A particle method based on the GENERIC formalism which is a theoretical framework for non-equilibrium thermodynamics has been studied. Indeed, a particle method based on the Poisson bracket defined on the state space of the Eulerian description of fluid flow has been developed and some numerical experiments have been done. In addition, the two-dimensional vorticity equation has been formulated within the GENERIC formalism and discretized using the discrete variational derivative method. The thus-obtained numerical method preserves or dissipates the kinetic energy and enstrophy depending on whether the flow is inviscid or viscid

  • ナノ粒子添加による超高度金属材料の創成


    Project Year :


  • Zn removal from aluminum alloys

    Project Year :


  • The innovative iron and steelmaking process harmonized with environment

    Project Year :


  • The control of nucleation

    Project Year :


  • Development of C60 Synthesis Process Using Extended Arc.

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

    Project Year :


    ITO Kimihisa

     View Summary

    The synthesis process of C60 using extended arc was developed in this research. The arc was stabilized and extended by injecting helium gas with relatively high flow rate, which was larger than those used in the conventional fullerene production process by an order of magnitude. The analytical method of C60 and C70 was refined and the concentrations of them were precisely determined. The collector was separated into four parts and the collection efficiency was measured in the experiment. The production ratio of C70 to C60 was 20-50%, which was higher than the reported value (about 10%). The flow pattern of gas and the temperature distribution in the reactor was numerically calculated by a computer simulation. The result shows that the CO-axial gas injection enhances the deposition of graphite on the cathode and the vortex is generated at the lower part of the collector.The usage of the liquid organic compounds as the source of fullerenes was tested using the same equipment. However, the steady arc was not obtained in all the runs, which suggests that the much larger current capacity is needed for this purpose

  • 超臨界水を用いた希土類酸化物超微粒子および薄膜の製造

     View Summary


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  • Faculty of Science and Engineering   Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Research Institute

  • 2022

    Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering   Concurrent Researcher

  • 2022

    Waseda Center for a Carbon Neutral Society   Concurrent Researcher

Internal Special Research Projects

  • 製鉄プロセスにおける未利用顕熱回収プロセス構築のための非Newton熱流体シミュレータの開発


     View Summary

    鉄鋼産業のCO2排出量は我が国全体の13%を占めている。この大量のCO2削減のため、高温のエネルギーを持つ製鋼スラグからの顕熱回収プロセスの開発は重要である。プロセスの最大の問題は、凝固の進行に伴う固相率の増加によって非ニュートン流体の挙動を示す製鋼スラグの流動性予測とその制御である。本研究では自由界面の変形予測に適したSPH(Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)法に擬塑性流体およびビンガム流体の粘性モデルを導入した流体シミュレータを開発し、スラグ-冷却ロール間の界面熱抵抗を考慮した伝熱プログラムを連成することで、プロセスシミュレータを完成させ、パイロットスケールでの試験結果と良い一致を見た。

  • 高温反応プロセス解析のためのマルチフェーズ熱流体シミュレータの開発


     View Summary

    数値流体力学の代表的なLagrange手法の一つであるSPH法を用いて、熱流体解析プログラムの開発を行った。本年度は、高速GPGPU(P-100)を3基導入し、高速かつ大規模な計算が可能となった。主たる成果は以下の通りである。① XSPH法を導入した気液混相流の詳細シミュレーションに成功し、上昇気泡の形状予測や高速ガスジェット吹付による液面変動の再現が可能となった。②流体プログラムに伝熱及び化学反応を連成させることで、溶融鉄浴中に打ち込まれた炭酸塩の熱分解シミュレーションを行い、焼成条件の効果を予測した。③ 凝固析出を伴う高粘性混相流の解析プログラムを開発し、溶融スラグの顕熱回収プロセスのシミュレーションを行い、実機と良い一致を見た。