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Faculty of International Research and Education, School of International Liberal Studies
Job title
文学博士 ( イギリス )
D.Phil ( United Kingdom )

Research Interests

  • English Literature Japanese Literature Comparative Literature


  • Toshiba International Prize




  • 'Foreign Bodies: "race", gender and orientalism in Tanizaki' in 'Japan and its Others' edited Williams, M. and Hutchinson, R.

    Adrian Pinnington

    Routledge, London    2005.12

  • 'Scholarly Introduction' in: 'Okakura Kakuzo (Tenshin), Nitobe Inazo' (Readings in Japanese Propaganda, Volume 3)

    Adrian Pinnington

    Global Oriental    2003.10

  • 'Scholarly Introduction' in 'Sakurai Tadayoshi, Hino Ashihei' (Readings in Japanese Propaganda, Volume 4)

    Adrian Pinnington

    Global Oriental    2003.10

  • 'Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess" and Renaissance Art' in The Background of European and American Culture and Christianity

    Adrian Pinnington

    Ferris University, Yokhama    2003.04

  • Takaha Shugyo: Selected Haiku

    Hoshino Tsunehiko, Adrian Pinnington, editors, ato

    Furansudo, Tokyo    2003.03

  • 'W.H.Auden's "Musee des Beaux Arts" and Christianity in 'The Background of European and American Culture and Christianity'

    Adrian Pinnington

    Ferris University    2002.10

  • 'Arthur Waley, Decadence and "The Tale of Genji" (in Japanese)

    Adrian Pinnington

    Genji Kenkyu、Kanrin Shobo, Tokyo   7  2002.03

  • 'Yoshimitsu, Benedict, Endo: guilt, shame and the post-War idea of Japan'

    Adrian Pinnington

    Japan Forum, Routledge, London   13 ( 1 )  2001.04

  • T.S.Eliot, the Bible and "The Journey of the Magi,"'

    Adrian Pinnington

    Christianity and English Language and Literature、Ferris University   2  2000.03

  • 'Haiku in English Translation,' 'Murasaki Shikibu: "The Tale of Genji,"' 'Sei Shonagon: "The Pillow Book" in 'Encyclopaedia of Literary Translation' ed. Olive Classe

    Adrian Pinnington

    Fitzroy Dearborn, London    2000.01

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  • Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences   Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • Faculty of International Research and Education   Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies